Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life, death, and writing

If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster. ~Isaac Asimov

Today isn't a normal day. I'm in a very different place today. A little sad, a little looking at life through new eyes, and more than a bit introspective (yes it does happen sometimes.)

Life is short. For some people it's far far shorter than it should be. Today I found out a friend and former co-worker/supervisor has a stage four cancer. It was in her brain, it's now out, but it's not a good prognosis.

I have lost a dear family friend, two aunts, my father, and my best friend (she was only 38) to cancer. I'm tired of cancer. I'm tired of people I know getting it. As a bumper sticker I've seen around says, "Cancer Sucks". If there is one thing that needs to be ended in this world, it is cancer.

Aside from my sadness at my friend's prognosis, I have been overcome with a feeling of intense introspection. What would I do it I knew I had a limited time to live? (Which in reality we all do, just some folks know their deadline, and some don't.)

My sister is a hiker and adventurer. She's climbed Mt. Whitney, Mt Kilimanjaro, gone to New Zealand, Japan, a safari in Africa. Her next trip is planned for Antarctica- yep down as south as she can go. If she only had a known limited time to live- she's already doing what she would do (aside from quiting her job to travel more).

I'm not like her- we'll I am an adventurer- but I'm an interior adventurer. I love the outdoors, but only when there is indoor plumbing nearby. But my writing is my adventure. Today I realized that (aside from my day job) I am doing what I want to do. Even if no one ever reads my work- I am doing what I want to do; what I need to do. I am a writer. Like the quote above states- I'd just write faster.

I think more of us need to look at our lives and think what would we do with limited time (but without the melancholy that can come with that thought). Would we be nicer to strangers, kinder to friends, spend less time watching tv and more time creating and spending time with loved ones? It's a thought not answered quickly, but it's where I am.

I tried to write a different post today. Something light and witty. It just wouldn't come out. This rambling was in my head and it needed expression. Today I came one step closer to mortality. It's made me look at things more closely. It's nice to know that in some cases-my writing- I am following the correct path for my heart.


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend. Yes, cancer sucks. I've been fortunate not to have it hit me.

    Two years ago I would have said - "Hell no, I'm not doing what I want" because I had no idea what it was. I only knew what I didn't want to do - work in accounting.

    Last year I tried writing and found my passion. I found what I want to do for the rest of my life. I may never be published (hope I do!), but it won't stop me from writing.

  2. I'm so sorry about your friend, Marie! My mom is a two-time cancer survivor, both battles before she was even 35! It's definitely time to rid the earth of the horrid disease...

    But life is short regardless of how many years you get. It's wonderful to find your passion...

    Keep writing Marie!



  3. Thank you ladies :). I haven't seen her yet, but some friends did (she just had the surgery on monday) and they said she was in great spirits.

    Lisa- BIG kudos to your mom- my mom is a survivor as well, but she got it at 73.

    Stacy- let's keep our dream rolling!