Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ok, what could be the worse thing that could happen to a writer going through the "blahs"? Getting a computer virus.
There are in fact many many worse things that could happen. But when one is having serious motivation issues to get ANYTHING done-- having the object of joy and torture fall under attack from an outside source really doesn't help.

I let it knock me off my seat completely. Nevermind that I even have a lap top- it had issues too (no virus) plus I'm not used to it. *whine* And all my work was on the desktop one *whine whine*. And I just couldn't focus since I didn't know how bad the virus was *whine whine whine*.

I think you're seeing where I'm going. My starting to get back into the writing habit psyche took the above "whine"s to heart and I shut down again.

Never mind that all of the excuses were exceedingly lame, I let myself fall under them.

How flipping pathetic.

I need to write.

I like to write.

I REALLY like to have written. (I love the putting the pieces together editing phase ;))

And yet, when I feel depressed, or tired, or upset, or anxious- I don't write?! OY! Again- how pathetic! I know writing will make me feel better- yet I let any excuse knock me back down.

If I were talking to a friend (a good one) instead of myself- I'd say suck it up buttercup and get off the pity/tired/depressed boat and write something.
Since I am good friends with myself most of the time- I'm thinking I'm going to have to do just that. Or find a professional butt-kicker..

So, the computer is back, (with a new virus protection package since the virus destroyed the one I had) and I'm back with a new tough love attitude.

Wish me luck and feel free to kick my butt anytime I slack off- I NEED IT.


  1. I do think that once you start writing again, you will continue. I get side-tracked with "LIFE" at times and worry I'll lose my momentum. But once I'm behind the keyboard, it's all back.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks Stacy :).

    Ya know Life is probably the biggest writing block any writer can face ;).
    Got a few words in yesterday and today- starting to feel like my old self.