Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year, A New You!

A New Year, A New You!

Ok, so the new year is only a few days old, and you’ve probably seen the title comment about a bazillion times already. Folks everywhere running out to change their lives for the better.

Today’s blog isn’t going to be about that ;). Well, not really…but kinda sorta.

I’ve had fun the last couple of days, spending time with wonderful friends, but I didn’t really get a chance to reflect and re-charge. Alas, work starts again tomorrow so I’m going to put off a major Winnie The Pooh thinking session until next week-end.

Today will be just a ramble.

Wrap up:

First off, 2010 wasn’t bad for me writing wise. I did get two books finished (one started and finished) plus did some more editing on Warrior Wench. I would have liked to do more- and I should have done more.

Healthwise- not great. I did nothing to improve my health in 2010 and have no excuse.

Job wise- I was looking to find a new job at the beginning of 2010, but have decided that with my new focus in writing, I need to have something solid backing me up. So, I’m stuck where I am until I win the lottery ;). Alas, unlike some writerly folks, I don't have the option at this point to write full time.

For 2011:

I’m not going to make resolutions. They seem so transitory, as if they can only be made at the start of the year, and if you fail you’re just done for the year.

I say poo to that. I want, no NEED, to make some changes in my life. They will be worked into my life slowly, throughout the year. I won’t beat myself up for failing, but I will climb back on. I’m not going to list them all right now (next week-end ;)), but my main thing is to outline what isn’t working (like someone would do during an editing pass for a book ;)); and determine what steps need to be taken to make it work.

Focus, organization, and planning will be the three tools I’ll be using first- both for my writing career and my life in general.

And that’s just enough rambling for a rainy day. What about you? What are you changing in your life and writing life?


  1. A bit like you I'm not really planning to change anything instead I'm making writing goals I hope to achieve, some of them are carry overs from last year because lets face it big dreams never die.

    Hope you have a very productive writing year.

  2. I love your idea of writing editing notes for your life. I've never really stopped to examine each aspect of my life and take note of what works and what doesn't. How could each area of life be tweaked and improved? What steps could I take to add depth and strength? I think I'll join you in doing that this week. :-)

    I hope your 2011 brings you many great joys and enlivening experiences.

  3. Thanks Pen and Rebecca :)- I hope 2011 is a great writing year for both of you :)