Saturday, September 15, 2012

Websites, opportunities, and new agents- Oh My!

Today I thought I’d do something a bit different, post a few cool writer related websites, contests, open opportunities and even a few new agents that I’ve run across recently. Some you may already have heard of- others might be new. As always- PLEASE add any good writer websites you know of!

1) Do you write Fantasy or SF?  Harper Voyager open for un-agented submissions-

2) Galley Cat- a great website for all writers- lots of info there -

3) Newer agent! Thao Le from the Sandra Dijkstra Agency

4) Newer agent! Pam van Hylckama Vlieg of the Larson-Pomada Agency

5) Gotham Writers Workshops- Writing classes and info- here’s some free stuff:

6) Query Tracker- been around for a while- but very handy!  Find agents, find out what other authors are saying about agents!

7) Agent Query -oldie but a goodie-

8) Publisher’s Marketplace- hopefully you all know about this one!

9) Interesting site- workshops, news, and free writing essays :)

10) Great source for where to submit short stories!

11)  For the more literary writers among you- a list a magazines to submit to-{52F69639-85B0-4FCD-A85F-AECC37969AB7}

12) Another newer agent!  Liat Justin

13)  Contests!  Lots of different genres

14)  Cool Conferences!  San Diego this November :    LA next week-end! (also check the site out for San Diego early next year :))
Seattle- Oct 26-28

(I have no idea why some of the links won't come through- blogger hates me!)

If you have any great spots of info for fellow writers, please add them!


  1. Thanks for the info, Marie. Some of these I've heard of, but others are new to me.

    I do have a question: Has anyone else queried Larson - Pomada and got a canned rejection along with an invite to buy a book on submissions published by one of the two? That left a sour taste in my mouth.


    1. Thanks for coming by Sharon :). No, I recently got a rejection from Laurie McLean (of that agency) but she didn't try to sell me a book. That's pretty tacky of them to have that in their rejections though.

  2. Great references Marie!!! :)

    Another great website for genre fiction short story submission calls is...


    1. OOO- I hadn't heard of that one- thank you Lisa!

      Marie- at work- can't sign into blogger