Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I wanna be a KILLJOY!!!

WRITER....Killjoy writer. As in a writer for the TV show KillJoys, one of the best shows to pop on the airwaves in many a year.

There is NO way I'd want to actually be a Killjoy, unlike Dutch, I wouldn't live more than a few minutes in that world. But to be a writer for them? Or even just be hanging out in the writer's room?!  


First, I'll explain for those of how have managed to not hear of KillJoys  go here, watch the first two seasons (they are short seasons, I'll wait.).

Killjoys is an amazingly fun, dramatic, actiony, sexy, SF TV show. But the main reasons I love it are the characters- they are flawed, massively in most cases, but they still pull you along for the ride. The writing is awesome. They don't "explain" the world, or the set up to you repeatedly and they get that most folks who watch SF shows get it- we've seen SF shows, we can figure out the basic ideas as we go along.

I'm rough on shows, I think it's the writer brain, but I am always guessing what is going to happen--far too often, I'm right. With Killjoys I am almost always wrong. But their writers are so tight, that their way makes absolute sense.

So, my dream is to one day sit in a Killjoys writer room, absorbing all the magic....hopefully for their tenth season ;).

So what TV shows have just knocked you out of the park in the last year or so?


  1. I love KillJoys too, for the same reasons. As a viewer I hate when the characters I love die, but as a writer I respect the dangerous world(s) they have created. I also like that the bad guys are just as likely to have set backs (sometimes fatal) as the good guys.

    Overall excellent writing and excellent show.

    1. Yeah, there were some folks I was pretty miffed about- but the writing is so good, you just still have to love it!

  2. I've never heard of it. Probably I've been buried too deeply in my den, busy writing. On your recommendation, though, I'll go check it out. Of course if I find I have to keep watching it, I'm going to blame you for the loss in my writing productivity.