Wednesday, April 7, 2021

#IWSG Risks and changes

 Welcome to another round of the Insecure Writer's Support Group! A monthly gathering of hopes, dreams, and terrors--JOIN US!

 Today I'd like to talk about changes and risks in writing--but could be applied to anything. I took an early buy-out from the former evil day job to live the dream and write full time. It's HARD!! (and a huge risk, but I do realize that's not what this month's question was ;)).

While I had the EDJ, I had to get my writing done before and after the job and on weekends. It was a grab what time you could cut out of things like sleeping and eating situation.

Now I have a ton of time! I knew I'd need a schedule (I know me ;)) so I set one up. 40 hours a week, two days off (which is two days more than I usually have had ;)). It worked well, was increasing my daily word goals, moving along, and the funk hit.

It wasn't writer's block, I don't really know that I've ever had that. (One of the reasons I have multiple projects going on--one hits an impasse, I move to another.) It was a FUNK!  Thanks to the current pandemic, I wasn't getting out much at all.  I have been changing that and fitting in fresh air, walking, drives to the ocean with my writing time.  I realize that the obsession with getting the words down while I had an outside 40 hour a week job, doesn't work for me now.

So, I'm currently building balance. This writing gig is my career, my job, but it doesn't have to be my entire life.  It'll take time, and lots of pivots, but I'll get there ;).

IWSG question:

Each month there is an optional question tossed out. This month's was do we take risks with our writing?

 I don't and yet I do. I don't do anything wild, yet I am usually an outlier for the subgenres I write. My fantasy is humorous, my space opera is not at all military-ish and full of jargon, my steampunk is more a alternative history SF adventure with tea than anything punkish. I write what I like, it's a bit different, but it makes me happy.

Happy IWSG Day!


  1. Writing what makes you happy is the best way to go. Good for you, figuring out how to make your new schedule work. It is Hard, but it is doable!

    1. Thank you! My new word is PIVOT! One thing doesn't work, so ya try something else ;).

  2. I think being an outlier for the sub-genres you write in shows risk-taking, for sure. The kind of space opera you write sounds like it's right up my alley. Too much jargon and too much military stuff puts me off.

    1. I agree in a way it does. Ignoring the fact that I couldn't write non-outlier type books! Totally agree on the space opera, I doze off as soon as an author gets too deep in jargon. Some folks love it--me, not so much ;)

  3. After I lost my job, I figured I'd have a lot more time for writing, but it never quite translated to as much time as I thought it would. And then when Covid hit, my productivity really dropped off. I definitely need a schedule to keep me writing at the rate I should be writing, so I hear you about building balance. It's what I'n trying to do now. Godd luck with your writing.

  4. I love your last line--it makes me happy. That's the best part. The pandemic screwed up a lot of people (self included). Lack of focus, lethargy, etc. This spring brings so much hope. Good that you've figure out what works for you. A schedule is great but can be confining. Balance is key.