Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fear of going forward

Ok, so one of my little darlings has been flitting around the agent pool for a bit now. Still out and about and on it's own. The others are waiting in the wings, holding on as they wait for their turn.

Where does that leave me?

Starting a new project! *cue scary music here*

Now it's been over a year (OMG) since I've started anything new. I've had my head buried in one or the other current/finished projects for what seems like FOREVER. But I need to get back in that idea pool- I can't sit around resting on my four book laurels ;).

So what project to start? I keep a file (part mental part documented) of ideas. Diving into it I came up with two- one more of a Fantasy adventure, the other more paranormal romance. Neither one felt "perfect" to me though. The adventure one didn't have enough heart and the paranormal had too much.

Cue Light Bulb over head ;).

I'm going to combine them! Now the world issue is a problem- the paranormal was current world- but I can't help it, I feel better in my own world thank you (I'll let the shrinks figure out what that says about me later ;)) so that's where this one will be- a world of my own creation.

I don't have the project started yet- even a pantser like me needs something to grab onto- but the two ideas just might blend into an awesome book!

While I do almost feel like I'm cheating on the folks from my other books- I know I need to move forward. All of the previous books are separate series. I have big arcs for them even though all could stand on their own. But at this time (aka no agent no publishing contract) I think I need to keep moving forward and invent new worlds.

What about you folks? How do you dive into a new world? Does it freak you out?


  1. Like you, I'm not published yet, either. I'd love to continue writing my series, but I need to be realistic, so my fourth book is completely different (for me, anyway). Yes, it's kind of freaky, and I'm not sure I've got a handle on it yet, but it sure would be a test for me if I can pull it off (and would certainly boost my confidence that maybe I can write!).

    Good luck with your story. Keep thinking about it and eventually the idea will grow (that's what's happening with me, anyway, and I am also a pantser).

  2. Marie: Why not work up a chapter, sit back, and read it over, outloud --- see how you feel. If it works for you, I bet you've got something totally original to offer. Good luck. Joy

  3. YAY!!! I love starting new projects! Anything is possible! :)

    SO does this mean you're doing the Challenge again???



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  5. Coming up with new ideas has never been a problem for my muses (musi ??), only taking those ideas and expanding them beyond the tunnel vision of the main character. Very disheartening.

    That said, read! Watch movies & TV! Many ideas have come while reading other's works. The Classics, PBS, Discovery, National Geographic, NetFlix DVDs and, yes, at times even the nightly news have become playgrounds for me. A word, a phrase, a situation will hit me like a ton of bricks, then off my girls go to contemplate the possibilities of that information.

  6. Lol- thanks for the comments folks!
    Lisa- probably not- I'm not sure how far I'll get and I still need edits on the other books (never done editing...:)).