Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why "wrong thinking" can kill your work

Today's blog is short and sweet and on my lunch hour ;). (yes, I'm one of those lucky souls supporting my writing career with a mundane muggle type day job ;))

I've been thinking about authors and negative thoughts. I just read a blog about NOT making your blog your own personal diary They made some great points and if you don't already use Query Tracker (and read their blog) I suggest you do so :).

But the blog got me thinking about this field we've chosen to be in- we're in a very subjective field. Only actors and boxers take more hits than we do. Yet so many writers seemed surprised when the rejections roll in. Then they kick themselves for not being good enough.

What does this accomplish? If you have done your homework, learned your craft, gotten unbiased feedback, then you've done what you can. Just because you get rejected doesn't mean your work isn't up to snuff (neccessarily) it could be just not what THAT agent wants at that time. Or you really could suck.

If you really do suck- then you can fix it (and get new beta readers ;)). If you DON'T really suck- then holding these "woe is me I got rejected again my life is over" thoughts only hurt one person- YOU. And more importantly your writing and your career. Yes rejection hurts- but no one made you do this. You want a writing career get used to rejection. A LOT of it. Even when you have an agent. Even after a contract. This career is one punch after another.

So, why make things worse by wallowing? Suck it up, fix what needs to be fixed, AND GET BACK OUT THERE! No public blogging of failures- just muster on :).

Never give up and never surrender!


  1. I used to kick myself about rejections, as well as a comment made by a very well-known author and supposedly motivational speaker, who said "Put your first book under the matress because it will never sell." I didn't listen to him, although several times I almost gave up. And then it sold! My husband always told me when I would beat myself up, "Would you tell this to a friend? Would you be this critical to her?" Very good advice!

  2. Rejections sting, I can attest to that. But I don't let them get me down (too long, anyway). It just motivates me to do better next time. Eventually I'll find someone who loves my work as much as I do. I don't plan on giving up. I love writing too much!

  3. You are allowed a few days to feel bad, but then you get over it and keep on writing. But I agree, don't post rejections on your blog.

    Share them with a good writing friend, and then get back to writing. Never give up.

  4. Isn't Never Give UP Never Surrender from Galaxy Quest??? LOL

    It's great advice Marie!!! :)

    Rejections hurt, some more than others, but they mean you're doing something toward making a career.

    Great blog!

    Lisa :)

  5. Thanks for the great comments ladies! LOL_ yup Lisa, that's where it came from- I'm a geek after all ;).