Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When characters pull a fast one

I’ve started a new book as mentioned previously- but even though it’s only a few pages in, it’s gone through some MAJOR changes.

My lead character had a sex change while I was trying to sprint into “his” story. A bit of a shock to me, but probably quite worse for "him".

Here’s what happened. I was settling in to do some writing sprints with a dear friend. I was moving along but something just felt off- like when your left rear tire is going flat. Not flat yet mind you- but slowly losing air and your car just feels “off”.

My story-my newest baby- was off the track.

I had decided to do a male pov with this story- a story idea that’s lurked in my idea drawer for a few eons. It HAD to be a male, four guys, military fantasy, images in my mind….and the character said- nope.

Actually, I blame the new character. As I was working I realized- naw, this has to be a tough military woman. So I puttered about trying names, changing all the pronouns, etc. Then I realized this wasn’t just ANY woman, this was a character I had written in a short story over ten years ago for a class! She shoved her way in and pummeled the original character out of exsistance!

Now, I’m all for strong women- I like to think I’m one, and I admire those who really are. But isn’t this a bit much? Just whose story is this? Well, the new character made it very clear that it is her story and while I may think it is mine- I am delusional.

Now, not everything will go her way, but I think her main issue was just to make sure I knew she was supposed to be the lead. But dang, I’ve never had that happen before!

What about any of you? Ever have a main character RADICALLY change from who you planned on them being?


  1. Ha! Whoops! :)

    When I was writing Night Demon, I was sure I was going to kill off the female archeologist. I wrote her to kill her.

    After 3 different murder attempts, not only did she stay alive, but it turned out she was the main heroine!!! *boggle*

    Who knew??? :)

    So listen to your characters... Our subconscious sometimes knows much more than we do! LOL

    Lisa :)

  2. Love this! It's amazing how characters can turn our worlds (in story and otherwise) upside down! Jordan

  3. Marie - at first I thought "he" did have a sex change and he/she took over. Well - could happen - that would leave the door open for all kinds of interior changes to your original idea.
    Best, Joy

  4. LOL- takes for the comments folks!

  5. SIGH- THANKS for the comments!! LOL- not "takes" oy!