Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Writing and recovery

Of course, this blog could be titled "recovery from being a writer".

I think I'm finally recovered from the insanity that was RT (Romantic Times Booklovers Convention).  The leftover swag (mine) has been packed away, the stuff from others has been sorted, and my free books await me on my TBR pile.

And my writing brain almost completely shut down.

It's back now, I think. Hopefully. At least the demons that come along with writing (or any painfully creative endeavor I would think) have settled down or at least wondered off and are bugging someone else for a bit. But wow, did they take me for a ride.

RT was my first public signing- just me and about 600 other published authors, and a few thousand readers. Just a bit crazy mind you. I did well, sold out of almost all the books I brought, gave away tons of swag, met some amazing folks.

And my brain still shut down when I came back.

I'm editing book two- The Obsidian Chimera, and starting book three.  Editing can be a delicate time, you're having to go through and be really harsh with those amazing words you threw down on earlier drafts. You are questioning yourself.

Being at any event where you are out there as a Published Writer, also makes you question yourself. Combine the two and you have a maelstrom of woe and self-pity just looking for some brainspace to take over.

So things sorta shut down.

I spent last weekend really working through it, and having some long hard talks with that mess in my head. Turns out, the mess was just helping me try to process this all (so it says) and in the long run will make me a stronger, happier writer. We can rebuild me *cue six million dollar man music here*.

I reminded myself that I love to write. And if being a writer in today's world means all the other stuff that goes with it (aka not just writing in a nice,safe vacuum) then I need to learn how to cope- or stop playing in the writer sandbox.

So this week I'm still editing, but with more faith than before. Still wobbling about, but I think I'll get through this. And come out stronger.


  1. I was at RT, too, and my writer brain also went into a shocked and paralyzed state for a little while afterward but then kicked into creative high gear. I'm glad your inspiration came back!


    1. It was a crazy ride, wasn't it, Cecilia! I'm glad you hit the creative high gear, I'm still hoping for that, but there is progress :)

      Thanks for coming by!

  2. Wow, that had to be an incredible, though frightening, experience. Congrats on all the books you sold! I'm sure you'll be back into the swing of things in no time.

    1. Thanks! It was really surreal, Lori! I think every writer should do at least once signing like that--it's insane!
      Thanks for coming by!

  3. The writer me is in total sympathy with your dilemma. The beta reader me is more like...where are my pages? My window of opportunity to get the pages back to you in a timely manner is dwindling as I type this. The me that discovered a new fantasy series and was promised the second installment to feed my addiction is wondering if I'll get my fix when promised. Hmmmm. Now I've got three sides of me warring within. Who will win? Buck up, girl. Believe in yourself. You've got work to do. You can do this. (Apparently it was the tough-love cheerleader side.)

  4. I'd rather edit than write the original draft. Glad you sold all your books you brought. Has to be an awesome feeling.

    Don't worry, everyone needs down time to recharge once in a while.