Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 and goals

At the end of this week, we lose another year. Which means we're all going to make HUGE changes this next year, turn our evil (or just plan lazy) ways around, and somehow find world peace.


Folks seem to fall into two camps-the "I'm going to only eat tree bark, grass, and leaves until I lose this 10 pounds" (or for writers- "I'm going to write 10,000 words a day and finish 10- 380 page novels in 2016!"). And the "resolutions don't work" crowd.

I'm somewhere in between. I do think that goals are a good thing, without them (and sticking to them) I wouldn't have two books out, be closing in on book 3, and getting the cover made for book 4. And the start of a new year has power and promise. Beginnings are always a magic time.

But, I also think it's too easy to make all sorts of insane goals for yourself (or others- ummm, just don't do that. Please.). Then you fail and hate yourself. I had a friend who would start a diet, then when she went off it just a little, would go WAY off it for the rest of the day, because, well, that day was blown-right? Nothing I said convinced her otherwise.

I'm adopting a new mindset. A month at a time. A week at a time. A day at a time. I still haven't pounded out next month, but it will have a monthly goal for all the areas I chose to work on (no more than two at a time). Then be broken down by weekly goals. Then each morning, I'll take a few moments to relax, and think what I want to get done that day. 

No punishments, and if I don't get a specific things completed, I still stay on track with the idea as a whole. It's not an all or nothing approach, it's a every little bit helps approach. The more you stretch, the further you can go.  Right now stretch as far as you can to your side. Then come back and try it again. Most likely you'll go a tiny bit further that next time :).

What about you?  Goal setting? No goals?  Any motivation tips for folks staying on goals?

Have a wonderful and safe New Year!


  1. I like that plan! I'm a non-NY resolutions person, but I try to do them throughout the year.

    Good luck and Happy NY!!


    1. That works too! Thank you for coming by, and happy New Year!

  2. What a good plan! Small steps are definitely the best way to overall success, and even if you don't get as far as you may have wanted, you'll be much further than you would have been otherwise. :)

    1. Very good point! It's too easy to ignore the little steps forward while looking at the huge goals. Forward is forward! :) Thanks for coming by and have a great 2016!

  3. Marie, I love your plan! In fact, it's pretty close to what I teach in my annual goal setting and time management class. :) You're going to get so much done this year! Yay!!