Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Showcase of The Science Fiction Romance Brigade

Welcome to the April Showcase of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade at  

Make sure you scoot over and visit other blogs as well-lots of very cool authors to meet.

I'm joining in today to shout out about the new adventure in the land of Faeries,Dragons, and Spaceships- WE NOW HAVE SPACESHIPS!

Yup, spaceships indeed. Warrior Wench is up for e-book pre-order and will be available as print at that time as well. 

Release date is May 3rd. While there aren't any drunken faeries in this series, there are plenty of shenanigans.

To celebrate the SFR Brigade showcase, and the upcoming new baby book, I thought I'd toss an excerpt at you all.


She frowned when an image of Deven entering a suite appeared on the droid’s eye-screens and focused in on the two linked metal bracelets on Deven’s right wrist. No esper above a level one could travel without them. The laws may have given them equal rights eighty years ago but that didn’t mean people felt safe around them. Which was one reason that Deven usually wore a heavy inlaid bracelet over the telepath-blocking metal bands.
“I don’t think that’s a concern. He’s not breaking any laws; you obviously have seen the bracelets.” She folded her arms and glared at the droid. Not really at the droid, more at the small army of security most likely watching her every move through the droid. “Tell me, droid, is there a problem here?”
“Not a problem. However, he will leave with you, yes?” The droid turned on a metal heel and quickly strode toward the depths of the casino where the private rooms were.
Vas jogged to keep up with it.
The droid’s sharp rap on the door lead to muffled swearing in two different languages. Which told her two things: they’d found Deven, and he wasn’t gambling for money.
Her second-in-command had many appetites.
She stepped around the droid and added her own pounding to the door. “Deven, it’s me. Get your ass out here.” She paused, then added, “Clothed. Get your clothed ass out here.” Better to be safe. He preferred stark naked.
An increase in the swearing signaled his acknowledgment of her command. The door swung open and a curvaceous blonde stumbled out of the room, a dazed glow on her face. Obviously, Deven had been the one making the extra cash in this scenario.
 Her second-in-command was next through the doorway, looking as fresh as if he’d had time for an hour-long sonic shower before he dressed. Tall, and exotic looking, Deven seemed to glow himself as he came out of the room. He’d always been good looking, but he seemed different now. She shook her head. Maybe absence did make the heart grow fonder. However, it certainly wasn’t going to make her break her rule about getting involved with a member of her crew. Or a telepath.
Deven’s sharp green eyes glinted with mild amusement at whatever he thought was going on in her head. Then he smiled and pulled his hair into a ponytail at his nape.
She hated him for always looking perfect. No matter the situation, Deven stayed calm, clean, and relaxed. Somehow she was sure he did it to piss her off. 


  1. I am intrigued. :) Thanks, Marie.

  2. Awesome cover, and I'm intrigued by Deven. Or is it Devon? Loved the line about his clothed ass as opposed to just his ass. :P

    1. LOL!!! GAH!!! That's what I get for slapping a non-edited excerpt! He's all better now :).

  3. He sounds like a deliciously bad boy. (grins)

  4. LOL, you had me with that title ... Warrior Wench indeed. I like this woman!

  5. Between that title and that cover, there's no mistaking this tale is about a kick-ass heroine.

  6. Wow, quite the scene going on here. I like your heroine a lot - great excerpt!