Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chh-changes! This blog's a changin'!

Happy summer everyone! In honor of the hot season- I'm changing a few things on here :).

Every Monday will now be "Motivation Monday"- I provide the photo prompt- you do with it what you will. You can share your ideas on the blog if you want, but otherwise it's just a weekly brain starter :)

Wednesdays will still be my regular essays on writing and writers.

Fridays will now be "Stuff you didn't know" days. I'll post little snippets on weird creatures, places, terms, ideas- whatever I come across. These are just for fun- or they can also be used as another writing prompt. Maybe to add to some notes for your next book? ;)

Then during many weeks there will be guests! If you would like to be one of my Tues or Thursday guests- please respond here with a way for me to contact you. You don't have to be a published writer to guest! Anyone who would like to try out their own blogging is welcome.

Saturdays will be grammar starters- we'll start with the "easy" stuff (You know what we all forgot in school?) And see how far we get by the end of summer!

PLUS- I'll soon start a for the writer section with those great writing books you all sent :).

So come on by and join me :).


  1. I'm excited about the changes, Marie! I'll be visiting :-)

  2. Thanks Kinley- love to have you come on by! It might almost make the work week interesting....ok, almost!

  3. Sounds like fun changes to me!!! :)

    Happy Summer!!!

    Lisa :)

  4. Wow! You're being ambitious. It sounds like a terrific plan. I'm excited to guest blog and I can't wait to see all the changes you implement.