Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Motivation!

Welcome to a new weekly blog event- photo writing prompts. Each monday I'll throw some sort of interesting photo up here- no need to comment (you can if you want) but the idea is to start your writing week by taking the image and running with it.

Use the prompt however you want, work it into your WIP, make a short story, just do a paragrapgh or two to exercise the ol' brain cells.

Some of these photos are mine-like this one (please ask for permission before re-using somewhere ;)). Others are just cool photos I've found on domain free sites.


  1. Halli took a deep breath of the sea air and gazed out at the old stone jetty, now broken and listing into the harbor. She recalled all the hot summer days spent running up and down it as a small child, her dog Hugo at her side. She would throw rocks into the water and delight at the silvery splash they made in the midday summers sun. Life was full then....

  2. I love it! Thanks for coming by Violette :)

  3. Very cool picture, Marie. Where is this spot?

  4. Thanks for coming by Violet and Gabriella! Blogger wouldn't let me comment before- that photo is from Maine- but I forgot where! So sad, it was just three years ago too...

  5. Beautiful picture Marie. I was going to ask where the spot was as well. Sad thing is, I'm from Maine! Ack! And I don't know it. :) Oh well, love the picture! Thanks for sharing!