Saturday, May 21, 2016

Warrior Wench Face Book Party!

It has been a LONG time coming, A LONG time. BUT the WARRIOR WENCH is hitting the space lanes this coming TUESDAY!  (May 24th ;).

To celebrate, I'm having a party!  Now, since we all live in different parts of the world, that could be problematic, not to mention, ya all wouldn't fit in my house. So, the party will be on Face Book!

The above link should work, but you can also just go to my author Face Book page and sneak in that way ;).

It's starting at 4pm Pacific Time(aka 5 pm MDT, 6pm CDT, and of course 7 pm East coasters) and runs for four hours. You can come and go as you please, but there will be prizes throughout the entire evening along with sneak peaks.

So, come on over and hang out for a bit!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's all about Denny's

Yup- the restaurant. Now, stick with me, this makes sense really. And once we talk about it, you'll see it could really be about anything or anyplace.

I drive by a Denny's on my way to and from the day job. Usually, I don't even notice it, but this most recent trip home I was stuck at the light and found myself contemplating the banners for $2, $4, $6- etc menu price points they have.

Which got me thinking about the restaurant itself. Rather, the way people view it.

To some, a Denny's is just an example of mediocre food, something to be sped past on the freeway. But what if you've been driving for a day or so, and it's the first restaurant you see?  What if you're homeless and just got enough money for your first hot meal in weeks?

How would the person who grew up going to that Denny's every Friday and Saturday night in their youth after watching friends bands' play at clubs see it?

The person who worked at one while putting themselves through college?

The popular foodie who secretly likes their Moons Over My Hammy, but can't let anyone know?

All of those scenarios, and pretty much any others you can come up with, are about the SAME restaurant. How it's viewed by people- aka our characters- is completely based on their emotional reaction to it. Not the place itself.

Someone who went there every Sunday evening with their favorite great Aunt is going to have a flood of emotions hitting them the first time they step through the door after their great Aunt has passed away. Do they go back with new friends?  Alone?  Never go back?  Their reaction to the place and way they approach it tell the reader a ton about that character--even if it's not something the reader can isolate. The reader feels it.

A character's reaction to something everyday in their world can be a powerful tool to show different aspects of a character, and slip in bits about their past without beating a reader over the head with it.

So look around your world when you're writing--find the Denny's--find the emotion that can connect your reader to your character.

(for the record--I think they have very decent breakfasts and yes, spent a lot of time in them after the clubs closed  ;)).

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

#IWSG-Going out in public

Welcome to another round of the 
Insecure Writer's Support Group! Join us!

Today's scream into the void, is the whole, "going out in public with our books" thing. Before I was published, appearing at a book signing or book fair was something I dreamed of. And this was EVEN after years in bookstore management seeing book signings crash and burn.

But then I started doing them.  

First was a signing in the lobby of my day job before we opened. It was more of a party and very fun- thrilling even. I knew all the folks there liked me at least a little.

Since then I've done two huge book fairs and two bookstore signings. And, at my advanced age, I'm beginning to think I might just be an introvert, instead of the introverted extrovert I always thought I was. Coincidence?

These events are awesome- it is so wonderful to meet readers who either have read your books and enjoyed them (I can't explain how wonderful that feels!) or think they look interesting enough to give them a try.

They are also freaking terrifying. You're sitting out there, surrounded by people who don't have to like you because you work with them, showing them your BOOK. And really hoping they say something nice--or at the very least, don't say something mean.

I've got another signing this Saturday- with some pretty dang amazing authors. I am freaking out that I'll get lost in the dust. Part of me, the part that looked forward to things like this for a VERY long time, is bouncing around in glee. The newly discovered introvert side of me is screaming for someone to come hold my hand during all of it.

So- for you folks who have done events, how do you cope?  For folks who haven't done them yet--are you looking forward to doing them?  

Shameless plug for my upcoming event- a great event, at a very cool Indie bookstore- if you live in Southern California, please come by! (No, I won't really make you hold my hand ;)).

On Saturday, May 8, 1993, a new store opened in Clairemont Square, dedicated to the staff’s passion for books of “Martians, Murder, Magic and Mayhem.” Today, more than twenty years later, that passion continues. We invite you to join us on Saturday, May 7, for our annual all-day celebration, featuring some fantastic spotlight authors, a celebration of our still new to us location, and, of course, cake! 
10:00 AM: Mystery Morning
Authors Gregory Harris, Linda O. Johnston, Kwei Quartey, and Lida Sideris
11:00 AM: Middle Grade Magic
Authors Cameron Baity and Benny Zelkowicz
Noon: Young Adult Author Panel
Authors Elizabeth Briggs, Jennifer Brody, Tobie Easton, Eric Laster, and Sara Wolf
1:00 PM: Discussing Dragons
Authors Marie Brennan and Todd Lockwood
2:00 PM: Suspense Spotlight
Authors Kelley Armstrong, Daryl Wood Gerber, Elena Hartwell, and Gavin Scott
3:00 PM: CAKE!
3:30 PM: Fantastic Speculations
Authors Marie Andreas, Gini Koch, Jonathan Maberry, and Sharon Skinner