Wednesday, July 1, 2020

#IWSG Where are we going again?

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Today's question posted to us was what changes would we like to see in the next ten years in the publishing world. This brings up a lot of thinking (it's late, stick with me). Way back in the dark ages, when humankind was discovering the wheel, I was working on my first book.

It didn't have a title, nor do I recall that much about it. I do remember the main character's name, Vaslisha Tor Dain, (which I later stole from myself for the Asarlai Wars space opera series). But I wrote the book. Then set it aside. Years later, I started another book. Back then the only options for publishing were agents and traditional houses in NY. Or vanity press (aka pay someone to print a ton of copies of your book which then sat in your garage).

I read everything I could on writing and publishing, I went to conferences, I met with editors and agents, I kept writing. I'd get closer, but there was always something--my book was too much like another client of of theirs. It was too different. Humor won't sell right now. Etc.

Then I discovered self-publishing and the angels sang and the skies opened. Not an easy path, but I had control over who I hired for cover, editing, formatting, etc. My stories could find folks who never heard of me, but fell in love with the worlds I made up in my head. It was wonderful. And still is.

Those are pretty huge changes we went through. Moving forward, I would love to see indie authors get more respect. Some readers won't read indie because they feel we just throw things up without a care. 

The serious ones care. And spend a lot of time, money, and hard work to make it so readers care.

So, I guess that's what I'd like to see change, more acceptance. 

Happy IWSG Day!