Wednesday, February 7, 2018

#IWSG Genre

Hello and welcome to the monthly gathering of writers known as the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Join us!

Today's blogging question was what do you love about the genre you mostly write in. For those of you how haven't figured out by my blog--I write fantasy, SF, and steampunk. Since they all live in the same section of the bookstore, I'm going to treat them as a single genre.

First off, I do read fantasy/SF/steampunk, but I also read mysteries and romance. But my heart is in my geeky genre. 

I love the freedom that writing in my genre gives my imagination. As long as I keep things consistant to the world I've made, I'm free to go where I want and take my readers (and myself) on a grand adventure.

I don't write hard SF, mine is of the space opera or lighter variety. Think more Star Wars. I don't discuss the mechanics of my ships or weapons, just what they do. Nothing against hard SF--but I don't read it, and it's not my cuppa tea. Mine is more fantasy with blasters and starships. 

Fantasy can go anywhere. My current series is a humorous one. I also have two that are more epic, one that is urban fantasy-ish (major changes to our world during the time of the Black Plague makes it not our world now), steampunk fantasy, etc. Fantasy is a big, broad umbrella that has as many options as a writer can come up with.

My steampunk isn't very punky-LOL. I'd call it an Alternative Victorian SF Adventure. There are vamps. There are also some very determined aliens. These are fun in that the pacing is different. Yes, it's adventure, so there are things happening, but the word choices are very different from the other two. More stops for tea along the way ;).

So, I write what I love--including books I wanted to read but couldn't find anywhere else.

Happy IWSG day!