Wednesday, July 3, 2024

#IWSG The Naming of Books is a Curious Matter


Welcome to the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog hop! Can’t speak for the others, but yup—insecurity is my middle name sometimes šŸ˜‰.

Once a month writers gather online to share, cheer, and lament this writing world we’re in.


Today I’d like to talk about a topic currently near and dear to me—naming books. The book that launched in January, had its title for years—Destruction of Chaos (Following Essence of Chaos and Division of Chaos in that trilogy.) That was easy peasy.

But, I’ve got three projects currently—and until a few days ago none of them had titles. Oh, they had placeholders, and two still do—FAERIES 2024 and JINN 2024. The one that has its title now was VAS 2024 but is now Keeper’s Tempest.

So, how do I name my books?

Each series has a unique pattern within the series and is different from the other unrelated series.

The first six Lost Ancients (Fantasy) were all named after a part of a broken relic staff that my characters needed to find, whether they wanted to or not. 

The Glass Gargoyle, The Obsidian Chimera, and The Emerald Dragon were the first three. For the continuation of that series, I needed new items as we’d dealt with that staff in the first six books. The Seeker’s Chest, The Finder’s Crown, The Hunter’s Chalice, FAERIES 2024….okay, that last will get a title….anytime now šŸ˜‰. I'm only about an eighth of the way done with the draft, it'll come to me!

The space opera series is currently at book 6 (there are two trilogies—don’t ask). Warrior Wench, Victorious Dead, and Defiant Ruin are the first set. All three are names of starships but also say a bit about one or more of my main characters. Similar style, but slightly different in tone, the next three are Traitor’s Folly, Destroyer’s Curse, and now, Keeper’s Tempest. Again, starships and reflections of the stories.

Probably one of my most fun trilogies (so far šŸ˜‰) to name have been the steampunk ones—A Curious Invasion (aliens and vampires in Victorian London), The Mayhem of Mermaids (fishy people aren’t all good), and An Intrigue of Pharaohs (Egyptian trouble makers back from the dead!)  These books have a different feel and pace than my other series. Still action and adventure, but a bit slower pace. The titles worked to show that (in my opinion-LOL) and also tell a bit of what’s going on inside.

The other trilogy that was fun to name was an Urban Fantasy thriller. The Girl with the Iron Wing, An Uncommon Truth of Dying, and Through a Veil Darkly. The tone and length of the titles are different from the other series but consistent with each other. These books are a bit darker than my other books and so are the titles.

Our covers and titles are the first thing we have to catch a potential reader’s eye and give them a reason to look into buying our books. They don’t need to be perfect, but ideally, they should reflect the tone and genre of the book and series.

How do you create titles for your stories?

Happy IWSG DAY!!!