Wednesday, June 3, 2020

#IWSG- Secrets

Hello and welcome to another post for the Insecure Writer's Support Group! We gather once a month in support and solidarity-- join us!

Today a question was broached as to what secrets we carry as writers.

Darn good question.

Wish I had an answer.

I'm presuming the secrets are referring to something our readers wouldn't know about us, but just what?

Hmmmm- here's one- I went to an eye doctor twice a week in first and second grade to correct my vision. Only YEARS later, did my mom and I realize I had a form of dyslexia-- but no one called it that. Before the two years, I printed my first name with a backwards E, I, backwards R, A and M. But no one called it dyslexia. 

More writerly? I often don't have a conscious clue where I'm going in a story, but once I finish it, the pieces start snapping together and it feels like that was the only way it would work.  Ray Bradbury said his job was just to follow the characters and report what they did, I kinda work that way.

Not sure what other secrets I can tell without, well, giving away my secrets! If I told people about the magic bottle that really creates all my books, then everyone would want one. Mayhem and shenanigans would ensue. Madness, just madness.

So what are of YOUR secrets? Share with the class and happy IWSG day!