Wednesday, April 1, 2020

#IWSG--Writing when the world goes sideways

Hello and welcome to another Insecure Writer's Support Group, blog hop. Writers from all over the world gather and share our hopes and fears-- join us!

We are living in interesting times, and no one is happy about it. Our world is going sideways and it's scary and strange.

Writers have really good imaginations which can backfire on us when the world gets scary.

But we're also the ones who create escape for ourselves and others through our works. I don't think my books are going to change the world--but if they offer someone an escape from fear? Then that's all I need.

I'm not writing as much as I sometimes am able to, but I am working on books. Editing one, writing another, thinking about a third. Getting new words and new books out in the wild is my escape (along with lots of reading). 

I look at each day as a new start (and am lucky enough that my non-writing day job is allowing us to work from home--weird but it gives some balance). I remind myself there is still hope and light. I'm moving forward, slower than before, but still moving forward.

How are you dealing with creative pursuits right now?

Take care of each other- and happy IWSG day.