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I am a multi- award winning  fantasy and science fiction novelist and I have been writing for longer than needs to be discussed and have no intention of stopping. I don't think I could. If I tried I would most likely end up sitting in a coffee shop babbling to myself, scribbling notes on bits and pieces of shabby napkins, and annoying innocent passerby with updates of the stories in my head. Since that is not an appeasing image- I'll just keep writing.

I write because I love creating worlds and people for them. 

Books planned for the first part of 2021:

Traitor's Folly-- book one in The Code of the Keepers-- a new series for Vas, Deven, and the gang from the Asarlaí Wars trilogy. Pre order available now.

An Uncommon Truth of Dying--book two in the Broken Veil series (The Girl with the Iron Wing is book one). Pre order will be available soon-- release date late April/early May.

Also planned:

Division of Chaos-- book two in the Books of the Cuari (after Essence of Chaos)

A new fantasy/romance trilogy- the Magic and Sorcery Chronicles. Three sisters, three books, coming out over three months (June, July, and August). Magic, adventure, and romance!

Also- the second book in the new Taryn series, the second book in the new Vas series, and the third book in the Adventures of Smith & Jones.

"Never, Never Give Up"- Winston Churchill

"Never, Never Grow up"- Dr. Seuss

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."

Ray Bradbury

I can be reached at Marie@marieandreas.com 

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