Wednesday, September 1, 2021

#IWSG: what is success?

 Welcome to another round of "as the writer turns" a monthly blog hop where writers from all over the land explore our scary world of writing- 


Each month there is an optional question posted. Folks can answer it or not. For me it hit home big time, so I'll be answering it ;)

How do you define success as a writer?


Such a loaded question and so many answers from different writers. 

When I first started writing, waaaaay back in the olden days, when slate tablets and sharp sticks were used, I wanted to finish a darn book. That would be my success.

I remember the first time I typed out something that I was making up--I was 13 ;)--but that page was like the books I read!  I was raised a serious book junkie and our family went to get piles of books each month from the library. So, making something, even just a page, that was like those books was amazing!

As I moved forward, setting aside my writing for long periods of life, I still had the "I want to finish a book" as my goal to measure writing success.

Things have changed, many books finished, that first book (not connected to that page when I was 13) was never finished, but many others were.

As I struggled my way through looking for an agent, then finally deciding I was tired of too many, "I love it--but...(I can't sell humorous fantasy, I have too many kickass women space opera books, etc) I went Indie. 

Getting my worlds and books out there, where other people might actually enjoy them, became my goal. Having total strangers contact me to say my books helped them escape reality for a bit, that they laughed out loud, or held their breath, while reading became my measure of success.

Book eighteen just came out a few days ago. And yesterday I received a message from a total stranger saying they loved one of my series, that I'd helped get them back to their love of reading.

Getting more books out there and having total strangers enjoy them, is my mark of success.

What's your goal? Has it changed?

Happy IWSG day!