Wednesday, October 7, 2020

#IWSG-- Changes!

 Welcome to the monthly blog hop of insecure writers EVERYWHERE!

Join us!

So this has been a very interesting week. I applied for an Early Exit from my day job (with severance) and got it in part due to my years of training getting badges for Comic-Con International (limited spots-- got mine submitted in 19 seconds ;)). This is great news!  As of Dec 31, 2020 I will be a full time writer.

It's also scary as heck.

When people think of stressors, they think the bad ones. However, good events can still cause lots of stress. It's a step into the unknown. We like being in our routine and this is going to blow the socks off. Plus, while I will NOT miss my day job, I've been there 15 years and have many people I WILL miss.

But I'm moving forward. My office at home needed/needs a serious revamp and I'm in the process of it. New computer, new monitor. Moving forward.

Which actually sort of leads into this month's question-- do we think of ourselves as a working writer?  Hmmm- the IRS has thought so since my first year being published.  But, yes, I do think of myself as being a working writer--even BEFORE the escape at the end of this year.  I spend 30 hours or more (way more) on writing. Along with my current day job--this leave me tired. A LOT.

But I LOVE IT.  I am proud to be a working writer.

Happy IWSG day!