Wednesday, May 2, 2018

IWSG# Ending it

Welcome to another episode of the Insecure Writer's Support Group! Follow the blogs! Come join us! 

Today I'm talking about ending....a series. This year I will be finishing both the fantasy series (the six book, The Lost Ancients) as well as the space opera trilogy, The Asarlai Wars.

To say I have mixed feelings would be a massive understatement ;).

I love my worlds--all of them--or I wouldn't stay in them long enough to write anything. But both of these were closed story arcs; they weren't open ended, ongoing, series. They had a plan (more or less ;)) and an end. Of THESE story lines. I'm putting that in there because by no means am I done with either group. But these particular stories, the battles involved, etc...will be done. There will be other story arcs, same folks, new adventures, down the line--but for now, these two will end this year.

For me, as much as I love seeing my favorite characters regularly (mine, or those created by others) I also need change. I need one story to close out, a new world open with new soon-to-be-beloved characters--and more adventures to explore.

A steampunk series (this one is more open ended than the rest of mine) starts tomorrow with the launch of A Curious Invasion.

Next year will also see a portal world, epic fantasy trilogy, The Chaos Wars and possibly the launch of another fantasy series. Part of the problem is that I have LOTS of books, partial books, and ideas--so I need to get a chance for more to come out ;).

But, as excited as I am for new tales, I'm also going to miss my current adventures. The drunken faeries, the crazy aliens, Taryn, Alric, Vas, and Deven. I will miss them. But while it's farewell for now after this year--it is ONLY for now. They have  far more adventures on the horizon! 

Still, I know when Defiant Ruin (the space opera) and The Diamond Sphinx (the fantasy) hit the public, I will have a few moments of sadness.