Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Confessions of a pantser....plotter?

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know that I am a pantser. Now, that doesn't mean I run around stealing pants off people--at least not usually. It means that I write by the seat of my pants (pantser was coined, I believe, by Stephen King- aka the Big Pantser Kahuna). Aka--I don't outline.

I do have an idea where things are going to end up, and just who will be involved and possibly tortured. However, I don't sit down and plot it all out. It's just not how my brain works, and since I've finished seven books, that was how I figured I'd stay.

Don't get me wrong- I am in AWE of authors who plot. I have a few friends who are serious masters at that and I just watch them like one would a magician, "how do they DO that?!" (They may or may not think similar thoughts when they see my mad, insane, "Let's just run and see where this baby takes us" style. But I think theirs is more filled with terror.)

However, as I'm wading through the edits of book three of this six book series, I am having to admit that I may actually....have to plot. *looks around for the hordes of fellow pantsers who may charge forward at any moment*

Keep in mind, this isn't a six-book series where each book is related but not dependent on each other. This is a giant story that has been cut up into six manageable chunks. Think Lord of the Rings style- you can't take the books out of order. Well, you could but it wouldn't be much fun.

That means that I have a story arc for each book that also has to feed in and support the BIG arc. I think a six book series is called a hexology...or a sextet but no one seems to be sure. Whatever it is, it's big, it's technically a single piece with six moving parts, and I may have reached the end of my ability to fully pants within it.

There is so much going on with this, so many things that have to be put in place, say in book four or five for a payoff in the final book, that I am resorting to rough outlining for the rest of the series. It will still be vague, more like buoys that mark the path through the ocean, but I will be plotting.

Guess I'm going to be a plantser.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Welcome all, to another monthly entry into as the book turns....er...the Insecure Writer's Support Group ;). A growing and dynamic group of writers out to support each other- join us!


 Today is really more a post about getting exposure to the creative world as writers (or other creative folks), as opposed to my usual IWSG monthly post about what I'm freaking out about now ;). There is plenty of that for later, but today I'd like to talk about getting exposure!

I'm not talking about getting exposure for your book, or building your brand or platform, I'm talking about going out into the world and mingling with other writers and creative folks. 

Writing is very solitary and many of us writerly folks are on the more introverted end of the social scale. But getting out there both professionally and just as a fangirl is important to our well-being.

There are different types of writer conventions and groups all over the place. I've been to the SDSU writers conf many times; Santa Barbara Writers Conf, La Jolla Writer's conf, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer's conf. All professional writers conferences and all awesome. Chances are, there is one not too far from you, or in an area you could tag on to a vacation ;).

This year (in order of appearance ;)) I'll be going to ConDor this month- a local, cozy, very literary SF/F convention here in San Diego. It's fun and they often have really wonderful authors in a small setting. This will be my second ConDor.

Then in April, I'll be in Las Vegas for the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. This is big, loud, and vibrant. There are some great writer and business panels, as well as parties (Including this awesome one called the Paranormal Dragon Den of Magical Mayhem- hosted by myself and seven very cool authors- if you're going to be there, and you lean towards fantasy and paranormal- this is YOUR party to attend! And we have books and swag! *ends shameless plug now*This will be my fourth RT.

In July, I will be attending RWA's National Conference. It's here in San Diego, how could I not!  Very craft and business oriented, this will be my first one and I'm looking forward to it.

FOUR days after RWA, in the same part of town, will be the monster of them all- Comic Con International. Just me and 150,000 or so of my closest friends. This will be my 20+ time for this one- but my first time as a PRO (that whole author thing :)). This convention has everything and more, and always inspires my creative energy.

I have a pretty busy collection here, and all four are different. Some will be very craft oriented, others just creative madness. But the point is to get out there and go to something, or somethings. Mingle with other writers and creative folks. Sit in on panels that might make a dozen light bulbs go off in your head.

Get some exposure to the creative world!