Wednesday, November 1, 2017

#IWSG NANO time!

Welcome to the monthly blog-o-rama of the Insecure Writers Support Group! 

A gathering of writers from all across the land join in the craziness that is being a writer.

Join us!

Sadly, I missed last month being as I was out of the country traveling :(. 

But as much as I love Conwy, Wales, I had to come back--so I'm back to blogging!

Today's question was aptly about NaNo (National Novel Writing Month--Google it ;)). It asked if we A) usually finish, and B) if any of our Nano's had been published.

Yup and yup- short blog ;).


This is my 9th year and up until I published I usually always finished. After publishing, not so much. But the past two years saw me editing one book at the same time I was writing the new book. That's messy folks ;). This year due to health and a few random reasons, I am so far behind on my book that I'm ONLY writing. So, that bodes well.

As for them going on to published book standing: The Glass Gargoyle and Warrior Wench both started as NaNo's and Obsidian Chimera, Emerald Dragon, and Victorious Dead all were worked on during NaNo--so yeah.

I love NaNo for the feeling of camaraderie it creates. It's a completely mad adventure but it's fun to mix and mingle with other writers at all levels.

So ONWARD my fellow nanoers!

And happy IWSG day!