Wednesday, December 2, 2020

#IWSG- Seasonal slow downs

 Welcome to another round of the Insecure Writer's Support Group!

Each month, writers from all over join to support each other as we toss or fears out into the world!

Join us!

Each month a question is suggested for a blog idea. This month's was dealing with times of the year when someone is more productive in their writing.

I'm switching it up a bit-- I'm doing when  I am less productive.

I realized last year (probably before that, but didn't pay attention ;))-- that I don't do well in summer. Even this summer, where I was in my house all of the time, and working remotely, I did less than other times of the year.

I don't have kids beyond the furry kind, so it's not that. 

But, I do work for a college-- and unless you are one of those magical unicorns, a ten-month employee, summer is very busy. We're wrapping up the prior year, setting up the next, and dealing with the summer students. 

When I sat back and looked at it, I realized that even though I would work the same amount of hours--that intensity just wiped me out.  

The problem is, I don't always look at things like that--but I need to. Knowing when and how you write best and what things can shut you down, is essential for a writer.

So, I guess my best times to write are the other nine months of the year ;). And I'm going to start paying more attention to my writing time!

When are your best times? (or worse ;)).

Happy IWSG Day!