Wednesday, September 1, 2021

#IWSG: what is success?

 Welcome to another round of "as the writer turns" a monthly blog hop where writers from all over the land explore our scary world of writing- 


Each month there is an optional question posted. Folks can answer it or not. For me it hit home big time, so I'll be answering it ;)

How do you define success as a writer?


Such a loaded question and so many answers from different writers. 

When I first started writing, waaaaay back in the olden days, when slate tablets and sharp sticks were used, I wanted to finish a darn book. That would be my success.

I remember the first time I typed out something that I was making up--I was 13 ;)--but that page was like the books I read!  I was raised a serious book junkie and our family went to get piles of books each month from the library. So, making something, even just a page, that was like those books was amazing!

As I moved forward, setting aside my writing for long periods of life, I still had the "I want to finish a book" as my goal to measure writing success.

Things have changed, many books finished, that first book (not connected to that page when I was 13) was never finished, but many others were.

As I struggled my way through looking for an agent, then finally deciding I was tired of too many, "I love it--but...(I can't sell humorous fantasy, I have too many kickass women space opera books, etc) I went Indie. 

Getting my worlds and books out there, where other people might actually enjoy them, became my goal. Having total strangers contact me to say my books helped them escape reality for a bit, that they laughed out loud, or held their breath, while reading became my measure of success.

Book eighteen just came out a few days ago. And yesterday I received a message from a total stranger saying they loved one of my series, that I'd helped get them back to their love of reading.

Getting more books out there and having total strangers enjoy them, is my mark of success.

What's your goal? Has it changed?

Happy IWSG day!

Friday, August 27, 2021

Snippet time! The Dangerous Lady.

 I wanted to share a snippet from my upcoming "Drunken Faery Adventure" (aka The Lost Ancients world) novella coming out next week! The faeries aren't in this snippet-- these are the first pages, but trust me, they are there! And sadly being covered in fish is not going to be the worst thing Jadiera has to deal with. (sorry about the funky formatting--it looks normal in the book ;))

The anthology can be found here:

My short story is The Dangerous Lady.

      Jadiera tossed aside the fish that had landed on her head. And the ones that covered most of her body. The short rat bastards who’d tossed her out in the bin of fish and then threw more on her, would get what was coming. At some point. Might be years down the line, but they would get it. Their laughter as they walked away made it easier for her to judge when she was ready to climb out of the bin. After a few minutes of complete silence she stuck her head up and peered around.

The alley was empty, or mostly so. Zulc was still there. His bulky shadow as he leaned against the building blocked most of the light from the closest sputtering lamp. Of course, he’d have an excellent reason as to why he hadn’t helped her, then come with her hoping to get some of her meager food funds. Never mind that she’d shared what she had when they started this ill-fated trip.

Zulc was a minotaur, but sadly not one of the brightest of his kind. He was big and brawny, but also one of the biggest cowards she knew.

Jadiera walked over to him slowly, patting herself down to make sure all the fish were gone. If they were going to dump her in fish, the bastards could have at least done so in fish that was edible. The smollens were bait fish; only thing that ate them were bigger fish.

“Sorry, ‘diera. There were a lot of them.” He didn’t even look sorry. The least he could do would be to fake it.

Jadiera shook her head. “They were gnomes, Zulc. Gnomes. There could have been a hundred of them and you could have stopped them.”

Gnomes ruled the town of Liverport and most of them were fishermen. Still, Jadiera had acted on a tip and taken Zulc, herself, and her ship the Sea Queen to Liverport for a courier job. One that was a trap for someone else entirely and ended with her in the fish dumpster when they realized she wasn’t their target.

Jadiera supported herself by traveling between the islands that made up the Sendai kingdom. Usually she was fine alone, this time the job sounded larger so she brought on Zulc. The job was a fake and now she was stuck with him, no money, and nothing to carry off this wretched island.

Zulc wandered ahead of her as they made their way out of the alley. She was more focused on the damage done to her dress than anything else. The two thugs who jumped in front of her were not expected, but she should have realized this trip was only going one direction. Down.

“Hey, Marco, look at this fine lady. How much for a tumble?” The front male wasn’t much taller than her, most likely human mixed with gnome. His friend was about the same, only skinnier.

“I’m not the kind of woman you’re looking for.” She pulled out her dagger from its hidden sheath. It was almost long enough to be a short sword, but whatever it was called, it was pointed, sharp, and she knew how to use it.

“Aye, we’ll be the judge of that.” The closer one lunged forward, sniffed, and scurried backward so quickly that he bowled over his companion and they both fell in a heap.

Jadiera would like to think it was because they got a good look at her blade. But most likely they got a good whiff of her. The aroma was bad and getting worse. She stepped forward waving her dagger anyway. “I’d run if I were you, the curse of the fish hag will follow you everywhere!” She raised her arms high above her head and chanted a few harmless words she’d gathered from her last courier trip to the Othierian Islands. Lots of sorcerers there, but nice people. The words she shouted were from a menu of foods available at a pub there. But they sounded scary.

The words, dagger, and her smell got them to flee. All of that and still no Zulc in sight.

She finally found him in the pub of the inn they’d taken rooms at. He nodded to her from his seat. She sighed, nodded back, and kept going to the outside stairs. The smell of her clothes was making her eyes water and the people in the pub would probably lynch her if she stepped inside. The room she’d taken was small and shabby, but it had solid walls, and an uncommon and most welcome private bath. She’d paid for water to have been drawn and it was there. A check revealed they’d drawn it long ago and it was ice cold, but right now, she didn’t care. She used some of her precious soap supply to lather herself a few times, then got out and dumped her clothing in and scrubbed it as best she could. The room had a tiny fireplace with a single pathetic log in it, but after she put on something warm and dry, she got the fire going and hung out her damp clothing. Hopefully, she’d gotten enough of the smell out, but her nose had become numb to it, so she couldn’t be certain.

She dug through her pack to bring out some hardtack and a withered apple. She’d been looking forward to a hot meal in the pub, but the way this evening had gone so far, it was safer to stay in here. Not to mention, no job meant no more funds coming in.

She warmed some water for tea in her battered travel kettle, ate her meal, and climbed into bed. Hopefully, a good night’s sleep would make things seem better in the morning.

She’d just dozed off and was dreaming of a successful haul; carrying a single chest from one island to the next and getting paid riches each time she landed, when the world shook apart.

Jadiera always slept with her dagger under her pillow. It was in her hand and she was on her feet before the rumbling stopped. Fast reflexes were the only thing that had kept her alive this long.

The wall opposite her tiny fireplace had been hit so hard that cracks now ran through it.

“Crap.” Not only did it ruin her sleep, but that was the room Zulc took. He wasn’t really her employee, more like he felt she might help him earn money and she felt the same. Still, she should check on him. Maybe he just got too drunk and misjudged his bed. She kept her dagger out just in case anyway as she crept into the corridor.

“Zulc?” She lightly called his name before she knocked on the door. No answer but the door swung open at her touch. The bits of frame that flaked off as it moved told her someone had let themselves in before her. The room was dark, but there was no movement. Keeping her dagger up, she reached into her pocket for a small glow; a magically charged ball of light that could be used by non-magic users, or in her case, very low-level magic users. On her own, she could use small spells, nothing powerful. But wasting her little bit of magic on a glow was something she hadn’t had to do yet.

She held the glow up then started swearing and raised her dagger as well.

Zulc was dead. It had been his massive, broken body being flung against the wall that caused the rumble in her room. And there was no being she knew of that could survive with a neck bent at that angle. From her quick glance, someone had searched his room, possibly they were doing it when he came back up from the pub. Zulc might be a coward when it came to defending her, but if someone was after his things he would have fought with cocky surety. Which normally would have been well placed. Few people could beat a minotaur in a hand-to-hand fight. She shuddered at the fact someone had beat him, broken his neck, and managed to throw him across the room.

The smart thing would be to grab her stuff, get on the Sea Queen, and flee. But sailing in unknown waters at night was a bad idea. Her being alone would only make it worse. And she’d really like to find a courier job before she left. She darkened the glow and with a quick look down the hallway, got back to her room and bolted the door.

The few things she’d taken out of her bag were piled back in; she just left the drying clothes out. If need be, she’d leave them behind, but she only had three changes of clothes, so she’d rather not. Although, if whoever killed Zulc had done so because of some connection to her, she’d burn the clothes herself.

She moved the small table and even the chair with her damp clothes in front of the door to at least slow anyone down who tried to get in. Then sat propped up on the bed with her dagger out and waited.

She had no idea when she dozed off, but a pounding on the door made her realize that she had and that crumbled sideways while sitting on a bed wasn’t the best way to sleep. Luckily, she’d dropped her dagger and hadn’t stabbed herself with it. There were five-hundred-year-olds who felt less stiff than she did right now.

Light from the predawn stabbed its way through the thin curtain and the pounding on the door continued. She tucked her dagger into the sheath she had hidden in her skirts and opened the door an inch. “Yes? I paid through the day after next.” She seriously doubted that she was going to stay anywhere near that long, but they already had her money.

“You came in with a minotaur.” It wasn’t a question. This was the owner of the inn and pub, an old fighter, but still enough muscle that he could have been the one who beat up Zulc—if Zulc had been drunk.

“Yes? We traveled to Liverport together, I thought it safer to have someone his size travel with me.” She gave him her best winsome smile and blinked innocently. She had no idea what had happened to Zulc to leave him in the state she found him. But she did know that she didn’t want to be connected with it, or him. She was grateful that he hadn’t tried to help her with the gnomes who dumped her in the bait. Fewer people to connect them.

He scowled back. “You two weren’t together?”

“No…is he in trouble? He helped me on my ship, for a few coins, but if he needs something, maybe I can help?” She tried to put some sweetness into her voice. She really should have taken those acting lessons her father offered when she was a kid.

He leaned down to stare into her eyes. Then finally pulled back with a grunt. “He got himself killed. Last night. In the room next to yours.” He folded his arms and glared down at her.

“What happened? I wasn’t feeling well. Ship travel makes me dizzy sometimes, so a healer gave me some dolithia to sleep. I took it right when I got in here and only just woke up when you knocked.” Dolithia was a ground herb used by some outer islanders as a sleep potion. Usually on the other end of a dart or arrow and against their enemies, but it also could be used in a medicinal sense. Jadiera might not be a good actress, but she gathered knowledge like a miser gathered gold.

“Hmmm, heard of that. Dangerous. You might not have woken at all.” He rubbed his gray beard and stepped back. “I’m thinkin’ that minotaur got his nose into something he shouldn’t of. Nothing to do about you. Come on down when you’re ready, the missus will make you some breakfast.” He looked her up and down. “Get some meat on those bones.” He nodded and walked to the next room.

Jadiera shut the door and leaned against it. That was close. Hopefully if the local pub owner felt she wasn’t involved, that news would get spread around town. She wasn’t involved, but she did know Zulc better than she let on. She’d have to watch what she said around town.

A glance down at her now extremely wrinkled dress told her she was now down two outfits. She changed into leather pants with a loose tunic and shirt. Her dagger would be more noticeable in this outfit, which was one reason she preferred the skirts. But from what she’d briefly seen of the locals before her side trip into the fish bin, weapons were common.  Who knew a small gnome fishing village needed to be well armed?

She made sure her few items of value: a long chain with a single leaf pendant, her glow, a few other pre-made spell packs of various forms, and her remaining funds were all with her in various hidden compartments. Better to have them with her than leave them here for the taking.

Cracking open the door and taking quick glances down each side of the hall revealed no one was out. When they’d checked in, the inn had been mostly empty, but many times these places made money off booking rooms to extremely drunk persons late at night. With or without their knowledge.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

#IWSG How much is too much?

 Hello and welcome to another round of the Insecure Writer's Support Group! A place where folks can explore what makes up being a writer.

Join us

Today's gnashing of teeth is the too much or not enough issue? For those of you new to my blog--hello! I was bought out by my former day job, so am writing full time now. It's been since Dec 31 2020 and what a weird trip it's been. Now you're caught up :)

I started my full-time writer gig ready to go, certain I could get out a ton of books, market them, get social media up and running, etc. I am a faster writer, not the fastest, but I can get a good speed. Having all of my time open meant I could get EVERYTHING done, right?

Yeah, not as much as you would think.

I have gotten some good work done, a short story--which is in an anthology that's out now, two novellas--both in anthologies out at the end of August, and two books (both started last year ;)).  I have the third book for this year (started this year) that should be out by the end of August--might have cut it a bit tight on that one.

I have my plan: I work 5 days a week on writing--currently aiming for 4,000 words a day. I do them in two-hour and a half blocks of FOCUSED writing. Business is mostly for one of my non-writing days but creeps into the writing days too. I know that I work best when I have multiple projects--when one stalls, I jump to the next. 

I have good days and not-so-good days. Yesterday was an example of not so good. Couldn't get my focus and limped in at 2400 words--and it took way more than a few hours.

I feel like I'm trying to put together a puzzle, I have all of the pieces, but no idea what it's supposed to look like. I go back and forth between feeling I'm doing too much (rushing along at top speed) and that I'm not doing enough.

Once I get this current book off on its own, I plan on having a serious talk with myself and figure out what the balance is.

Any suggestions, ideas, thoughts on establishing that balance are very welcome!

Have a great IWSG day!

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Upcoming anthology!

 It's summer, reading should be fun--sometimes scary, sometimes heartwarming, but fun. What's a better way to have a variety of fun stories, than an anthology or two?

I'm in a few this summer ;) -all priced great and with a wide selection of stories!

First up-- Summer Solstice Shenanigans- An Urban Fantasy collection

Longest day of the year, shortest night. This collection of 26 short stories range from scary to funny.  My story, Solstice of Darkness, is a bit on the darker side (for me ;)). It's a tale of what happened to Aisling (from the Broken Veil series-- The Girl with the Iron Wing and An Uncommon Truth of Dying), on a summer solstice a few years ago.

If you like Urban Fantasy-- check this set out!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

#IWSG--process changes

 Hello and welcome to another turn through the writing world! The Insecure Writer's Support Group is a group of writers helping writers. Once a month we shout out into the void--join us!

Today, I'm going to ramble a bit about writing processes and specifically, my process.

Every single writer has a slightly different process, that's why when we see a successful author post their process, we can't duplicate them exactly. They succeed because they found what worked for them, aka their personality, mindset, way of working, access to space, type of book they write, etc. Sometimes THEY can't even replicate what they did.

So, how do we deal with our own process, if duplicating those big guns doesn't work? Excellent question!

Follow them, see what they do. Also check out authors with hardcore writing platforms (if you have a kindle, just download a sample of anything look even remotely helpful--if you like the sample, then get the book ;)).  Make notes of what resonates with you. Steal the ideas and concepts that fit you and who you are.

But don't think any of them can give you a magic ticket to the one perfect process that will make you a six-figure author over night. (And if you find that- let's talk ;)).

Between the successful authors in your genre and those writing gurus, build something that fits you. There is no wrong way to write--nor is there really a right way.  I'm in a lot of FB writing groups and if you wanna see me come out swinging, have someone state an absolute for writing. Yes, extremes might be more problematic--if you hate punctuation, capital letters, vowels, etc it might be more difficult. But you can do it if it makes you happy. When folks get full of themselves and prescribe that you MUST or NEVER do things is when I start verbally punching people.

That being said, here's my process :).

I find it works better for me to have multiple projects and different stages. This year that also means varying lengths too as I ended up in six anthologies...all but one are this summer. Crazy!

I reread what I wrote the day before. This is to get me back in the headspace of that world as well as a first round "Oops" fix.

When one is done, I go through it again to make sure it makes sense (pantser here, so tangents can happen). Then it goes to my developmental editor and beta readers.  As they give it back, I do more clean ups. Once it's as good as I think I can make it at that point in time--I send it to my proofreader. Then to my formatter, and upload the ebook and print.

I couldn't say how many edits I go through, or the time between them as I am constantly going back to it, plus more editing when the other folks results come back.

This works for me. For now. If it stops working, or I feel a need to expand, I will. Process is fluid, if yours isn't working, change it up.

What is your process and how has it changed?

Happy IWSG day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

#IWSG Starting back at the beginning

 Welcome to another Insecure Writer's Support Group blog meeting!

Join us!

As many of you know, I went free-range-full-time-writer-chic at the first of this year. I had plans for writing, days off, naps, etc.

I've now realized that conceptualizing a 40 writer work week and doing it are two different things. I was mentally pulling in too many ideas from my former day job. Sooooooooo, read a few books on working, life, etc and created another pivot (you have to keep pivoting). I'm back to focusing on building a steady writing pattern.

One of the books I'm reading is called Deep Work, it's on building focus. Something struck me as a "this might work" while wading my way through it.

Last week I started my new plan. Five days a week (still keeping my days off ;)) I do two- 90 minute focuses writing blocks. One usually in am, the other afternoon/evening. During this time, NO internet, emails, texts, calls, or interruptions. I have one of those "Will Return at..." signs on my closed door.

For 90 minutes I focus on my writing--sort like nano-speed only more intense.

Last week, in five days, in a total of fifteen hours-- I got in 20,642 words.

For me this was massive!  I hit 4,000 plus a day and don't feel wiped out.

Could I do more blocks? Probably not. Nor could I mush them into one 3-hour block. The book says 4 hours a day is about max for true deep work, and I am usually quite done by the end of that 90 min. 

A caveat, I am a multi-project writer. So if one book starts slamming into a wall, I skip to another--this does drive many of my writing friends crazy.

I won't call this my new regular until I've kept it up for a month, but it does feel good to be working on building a more solid writing routine.

Then I'll start focusing on building in business blocks ;).

Have you ever tried deep focusing for your writing?


Saturday, May 1, 2021

Fantasy Ebook Bonanza!


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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

#IWSG Risks and changes

 Welcome to another round of the Insecure Writer's Support Group! A monthly gathering of hopes, dreams, and terrors--JOIN US!

 Today I'd like to talk about changes and risks in writing--but could be applied to anything. I took an early buy-out from the former evil day job to live the dream and write full time. It's HARD!! (and a huge risk, but I do realize that's not what this month's question was ;)).

While I had the EDJ, I had to get my writing done before and after the job and on weekends. It was a grab what time you could cut out of things like sleeping and eating situation.

Now I have a ton of time! I knew I'd need a schedule (I know me ;)) so I set one up. 40 hours a week, two days off (which is two days more than I usually have had ;)). It worked well, was increasing my daily word goals, moving along, and the funk hit.

It wasn't writer's block, I don't really know that I've ever had that. (One of the reasons I have multiple projects going on--one hits an impasse, I move to another.) It was a FUNK!  Thanks to the current pandemic, I wasn't getting out much at all.  I have been changing that and fitting in fresh air, walking, drives to the ocean with my writing time.  I realize that the obsession with getting the words down while I had an outside 40 hour a week job, doesn't work for me now.

So, I'm currently building balance. This writing gig is my career, my job, but it doesn't have to be my entire life.  It'll take time, and lots of pivots, but I'll get there ;).

IWSG question:

Each month there is an optional question tossed out. This month's was do we take risks with our writing?

 I don't and yet I do. I don't do anything wild, yet I am usually an outlier for the subgenres I write. My fantasy is humorous, my space opera is not at all military-ish and full of jargon, my steampunk is more a alternative history SF adventure with tea than anything punkish. I write what I like, it's a bit different, but it makes me happy.

Happy IWSG Day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

25 books for $9.99! For reals!


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