Sunday, August 15, 2010

California Conferences 2010- 2011

Every once in a while it seems I come across a GREAT looking conference. But I usually find it too close to the date and don’t have time to be able to go. So, I’ve decided to create my own list of writer’s conferences! I’m doing it by state (I’ll combine some into “areas”) and will start with my home state- California (no, you non-Californians, we don’t call it “Cali”…shakes head).

One thing I noticed while perusing the CA RWA chapters- there are NO CA RWA conferences! Closest was LARA’s annual workshop. What gives? We’re pretty dang big- why not have something worthy of our state? Ah well- here’s the list:

California conferences- date order starting next month.

I have no idea how good any of these are except for the ones I personally have attended. I’m just listing whatever I find- do the research to make sure it’s a good conference for YOU! If you have questions about the ones I’ve marked as “been to” please ask :). Also please feel free to list any other California ones I missed.

*North Coast Redwoods Writer’s Conference Sept 17-18 2010 Crescent City

*Central Coast Writer’s Conference Sept 17-18 2010 San Luis Obsipo

* Southern California Writer’s Conference: Los Angeles Sept. 24-26 2010

*La Jolla Writer’s Conference Nov 5-7 2010 San Diego-been to

*SDSU Writer’s Conference. Jan 29-31 2011 San Diego—been to

*Southern California Writer’s Conference- Feb 18-20 2011 San Diego-been to

* San Francisco Writers Conference Feb 18-20 2011

*Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention. April 6-10 2011 Bonventure Hotel Los Angeles-been to

* Los Angeles Romance Authors- Annual Workshop- May 2011

*Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop no 2011 dates, usually June- August San Diego

*Santa Barbara Writers Conference June 18-24 2011

*Napa Valley Writer’s Conference No date for 2011- last week in July for 201

*Mendocino Coast Writer’s Conf. No date for 2011- usually late July/early August

*Comic Con International San Diego- July 21-24,2011-been to
**many writers attend as speakers, some writing centric panels

*World Fantasy Convention- San Diego- Oct 27-30 2011

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