Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love to write, but hate the words

“I love to write, it’s the words I can’t stand.”

Ok so that quote isn’t a direct quote. My sister mentioned it- or something very similar to it- when she came back from a Neil Simon play. That one of the characters had said it and it made her think of me.

LOL- how appropriate!

I think that absolutely speaks to my writing state of mind. Especially my recent state of mind. I have to admit that I love to have written. It’s like going to the gym, I don’t like going but I like having went.

Writing is the same- sort of. Part of me loves to actually write, digging out words, placing them just so, making them funny and shiny. But only when the writing is going well. When it’s not going well, that’s another thing completely!

As of late I’ve been fighting to beat my steampunkish novel into submission. I have a deadline of Sept 30th for a challenge from my local RWA writing group and it ain’t looking pretty about me hitting the deadline.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve shown to myself that I can write like a mad woman when the need arises (two years of successful NaNo’s taught me that ;)). But I’m just having a problem with this book! It could be that some deep dark part of my psyche really is looking longingly at my other WIP and just wants to dive back in to it (two books this close to the end are NOT a good idea folks). Or it could be that I’m writing complete drivel and the entire book is crap (ahhh the mind of a writer- self doubt anyone?).

But the thing is, I’m at the "liking having written, not actually writing" stage. When I read back a few days worth of work I have to admit, it’s not a bad rough draft. Then I charge forward into a pile of sticky, messy words and they just slow me down again.

What about any of you? Do the words sometimes annoy you?


  1. That's me. It's a chore to write, but I'm always amazed at what I get on the page. LOL!

  2. I feel just the same. I wish I were a writer who LIKES to write, like Isaac Asimov, who enjoyed it so much he hated to be made to take vacations. What I like is the outlining stage. Also reading the galley, which proves it's DONE.

  3. Thanks Nina and Margaret- it's nice to know I'm not alone! :)