Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New characters- old friends

Well today finds me in the midst of nano madness. As always this event is crazy, insane, and so much fun it's not even funny.

But this year I found myself having more trouble than usual. My characters were strangers!

Now, yes, new characters are always strangers- they're new after all. Part of what I love about being a writer is getting to know these very cool new folks. But this time I found myself really missing some of my previous characters.

Maybe it’s an affect of now starting my fifth “world”- I’ve already got four very healthy worlds with very healthy casts living in my head. Maybe since there are so many, my heart wants one of my familiar faces to pop up. Someone I know and can laugh with.

This hit me the first week of NaNo- it wasn’t that I didn’t like my characters, it was just a longing for the ones I already knew. Sort of like the second season of a beloved tv show- you already know everyone so that awkward getting to know you phase isn’t needed and you get to jump right in.

I wanted to jump right in but my mind didn’t know these new folks (Karthen and Sakari) so I had a wee bit of a conflict.

But something happened this week-end. I started just running with the characters. I made a list of how they were different from my others- the good the bad and the ugly.

Slowly I began to see them for who they were, or rather who they were becoming to be. And you know what? I like them! Now, it doesn’t mean I like my older characters any less- but I think there’s room for another crew or two in my heart and psyche.

What about you? Do you miss old characters? How do you get to know the new ones?

Happy NaNoing folks!


  1. I definitely miss old characters, but since I've only written "one world" so far, I can sneak them in other stories (as cameos). It's great fun!

    The only way I've been able to get to know the new ones is to write (and write and write and write). Then when I edit, I know what's missing (or know better how they'll react). It's worked so far, so I'm not changing.

  2. I hear ya Stacy! The more we write, the more we know ;). I am envious of you being able to sneak in cameos though!

    LOL- hmmm wonder if I could do that? Sigh- knowing my pushy characters they'd try to take over the new book. I have a very ill behaved bunch!

    Thanks for coming by Stacy :)

  3. Yes, I miss old characters if new ones pop up. Before I begin writing with new characters, I daydream about them for a good two weeks. I know, weird. But I find daydreaming helps me figure out who they are, how they want the story to play out, etc. By the time I'm ready to write, I have a good idea where I'm going, or should I say where they're going to take me.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I'm as yet unpublished, but I know my favorite author Karen Marie Moning has spoken about falling in love with the character she's working on at the moment, and then moving on. Studying her writing over the years, I found that as a reader I've also moved on -- I can see that Karen's writing has grown by leaps and bounds, and while I enjoyed the characters she created years ago in her early writing, and re-read from time to time, I'm also more focused on what she is going to create next, i'm waaaay more engaged with thinking about what I'd like to see next.

    I suspect that as a writer, you do grow, you get better, and your next character and 'world' is likely to be much better, more engaging, than your first!

    get better soon.

  5. Glad to hear you're having fun with your new peeps Marie!!! :)

    I love writing new characters, but Calisto from Night Walker is always in the back of my mind... But he was my first fictional love and you know what they say about your first love... Awww! LOL

    HOpe you have fun falling in love all over again! :)


  6. Thanks for coming by ladies!

    Maggie- that is actually not weird at all but a really helpful tool to get into a character before writing them- great idea!

    Claudia- that is true- I do think my characters grow deeper as I grow as a writer.

    Lisa-LOL_ your first love! I have to say my first character is still near and dearest to my heart (although he wasn't really the first but he has alot of aspects of that first book that never got finished character!)

    Thanks again for dropping by!