Monday, March 19, 2012

Two weeks of great blogs!

Last Monday I did a post about stealing writing ideas, craft, etc from wherever you can find it on the internet. Well, today I’d like to point out a great place for some writing resource mojo! Gabriella Hewitt is having a wonderful March Madness run on her blog starting today with a great collection of writing related folks dropping by to blog over the next two weeks.

It doesn’t matter what you write (fantasy, mystery, romance) reading what people in the industry are saying is always a plus.

Here’s her list for the bloggers- I suggest popping by each day- you never know when someone’s bit of information will be a game changer for you. Take advantage of this great opportunity.

March 19th—Liz Pelletier, Publisher & Senior Editor, Entangled Publishing

March 20th—Alicia Rasley, Author, Writing Instructor & Editor

March 21st—Kayelle Allen, Author & Founder of The Author’s Secret

March 22nd—Don D’Auria, Editor Samhain Horror, Samhain Publishing

March 23rd—Frazer Lee, Award-winning writer and director of short horror films & on Final Ballot for a Bram Stoker Award for best debut novel

March 24th—Sophia, Director of Fiction Vixen Inc. & Book Reviewer

March 25th—Tom Adair, retired Senior Criminologist, Author, Blogger at Forensics4Fiction

March 26th—Marcia James, Author & Marketing Specialist

March 27th—Saritza Hernandez, E-Pub Agent, L. Perkins Agency

March 28th—Julie Miller, Multi-published Author of Romantic Suspense and Sizzling Romance

March 29th—Christine D’Abo, Author & Self-professed sci-fi junkie

March 30th—Christie Craig, Photojournalist, Author & Speaker

Make sure to visit this site :)- and like last week- if you know of any other really great writer’s blogs- post them here!


  1. Thanks for posting these. I'm the guest on 3/21 talking about Triberr, the blogger's best friend. Your notes about upcoming events is helpful.

  2. Thanks for coming by Kayelle! :) I'm at work and can't get to the blog until tonight- but I can't want to read it!

    Marie Andreas (trapped without blogger sign in ability)