Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guest Blogger- The Author Elf!

Hi everyone –
Thanks to Marie for the blog spot! J

I’m visiting today to talk about multi-tasking and time management…


I’m Lisa Kessler, and I’m a fiction writer. My first novel, Night Walker, was released in 2011, and then re-released again in mass-market paperback in 2012. My eBook novella, Night Thief also released in October of 2012. It’s been a big learning curve for me as a writer to balance all the facets of my new career path.
In school, you read the classics and picture Hemingway, Bradbury and Shelley penning their masterpieces in a dimly lit room and then the masses flow into the bookstores to read it. Simple, right?

Sadly, the reality of publishing these days isn’t nearly as simple. Readers have to be able to find you and your book. There are millions of titles out there, with more popping up on Amazon every day. You can no longer write a book and wait for readers to grab a copy.
How do readers discover you and your books?
That’s where I’ve found things to be tricky. What good is your book if no one ever reads it, but if all I’m doing is promoting, then I’ll never write another book. It’s a crazy cycle! As a writer, I often have a tough time juggling my calendar and my projects. It seems like I turn around and my monthly author newsletter has become bi-seasonal. Whoops!
We really need assistants to check to be sure our websites are up to date, scout for positive reviews, nudge us when it’s time for another newsletter to show readers our new book cover, etc.  But most of us can’t afford the manpower.
That’s when my hubby and I came up with Author Elf. After helping a few writers with facebook release parties and twitter training, we realized that each writer has different needs, but it all starts with organization.
Writers need an elf working behind the scenes to keep us on track!
That’s where we can help. We’re setting goals with authors and building calendars with reminders. We’re also setting up Google alerts for reviews and checking websites to be sure they’re current. All the minutia that we know is important but we never find the time to take care of, that’s where your elf comes in.

You can find out more here…

Our authors have big plans this year, and we’re excited to be their Elves, working in the background so they have more time to write.  And the best part is, you won’t be alone. We’ll be right beside you helping with a promotion plan and encouragement.

 And who doesn’t want that? J  Do you need an Author Elf?

Lisa Kessler –

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  1. I just wanted to stop by and say that I'm sold on Author Elf. Lisa and her elves have been very helpful. And I love having someone in my corner, looking out for me. :)

    1. Awww thanks Judy!!! :)

      We love Elfing for you!


  2. What a great idea. I have three books coming out in the fall. You may be hearing from me in the very near future. I tweeted.

    1. We'd love to help you out Ella!

      Congratulations on the upcoming releases! :)



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