Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The year in wrap up

So next week I want to talk about  plans, goals, dreams for 2016--but before that can happen, I really need to wrap up 2015. At least in my head.

This was an amazingly good year, and an amazingly sad one.

 I reached my dream of getting my books out into the wild in March.  I was hoping for the first three books to be able to come out this year, but yeah, full-time outside job...not sure what I was thinking. 

But, I did get The Glass Gargoyle and The Obsidian Chimera published. Never would have happened without a ton of amazing folks- those listed in the book, and the others not listed who were just there to help keep me going. Thank you.

Writing is hard. Very hard. Self-Publishing is also very hard. But holding those books in my hand, reading the reviews, having folks email me about how much they loved them and where the heck is book three?!  All of that makes all the hard work worth it. I love that other folks talk about my drunken faeries like I do.

I loved meeting folks at RT in May, and at the two book signings at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in August and December. It was so exciting to have people want MY autograph on a book and that they wanted to read said book.

That part of 2015 was wonderful, scary, nerve-racking, and amazing.

The sad part was the loss of my mother in August. 

She was 84, and had always lived her life as she wanted it (a nurse called her "fiercely independent" after a bit of a pause). She never wanted to be in a home or have a care-giver and she did that. She didn't read fantasy (a serious mystery reader- and rapid one at that-she taught me to love books) but was very proud of my writing. She was the cheerleader I spoke to every morning on the phone before work. She was mom.

You never get over losing a loved one, you just incorporate that loss into your life. It's still very raw and close, but I am still writing and getting books out because that's what she wanted me to do. 

So right now, look back over your year, find the wonderful parts and the heart-breaking ones, and embrace them all. 

And go hug your loved ones and have a joyous Holiday!