Thursday, March 10, 2016

Standing on the edge

So this month I was working on edits for the third book in my fantasy series (The Emerald Dragon) and the first book in my space opera trilogy (The Warrior Wench). Like I said last week, I just rolled from edits on one to edits of the other.

I just sent The Warrior Wench out to beta readers. Tonight I’ll be starting on the final rounds for The Emerald Dragon and hope to have it ready by end of month.

But right now I’m looking out over the edge of a great abyss. Soon, very very soon, I need to start drafting book four in the fantasy series (The Sapphire Manticore- cover coming soon!) and The Victorious Dead- the second book in the space opera-aka The Asarlaí Wars Trilogy.

I have two massive worlds of my own making before me, and I can go wherever I want.

It is a pretty damn cool feeling, lemme tell you.

Is it scary?—hell yes!  I’m always terrified that I won’t figure out where in the heck I’m going. But starting a brand new book?  For me that is probably one of the greatest feelings around. And in the next six months I get to do two of them :).

So today I’m waving at you from the edge of madness and creativity, wondering if perhaps I’ve taken a step too far, but excited about it nonetheless.

Find something scary and fun to do everyday.


  1. It's only a step too far if you land on your face, not your feet. I don't see that happening, where you're concerned. Your juggling skills are improving every day.

    Ah, the beginning of a book. There's nothing like the rush of starting a new adventure. As you head out the gate, you're Frodo and Sam, walking east through the lovely woods on a sunny day, nothing but easy times ahead. Little do you know that one day you'll be standing on a precipice with a sea of lava below and a crazed creature on your back pummeling the snot out of you trying to wrestle your Precious out of your hands. While that doesn't sound cheerful, strangely enough, it all works out in the end. It's just part of being a writer.

    1. True! I'm getting hit the head with the balls less (okay, that sounded very wrong even in my head ;)).

  2. Exciting times Marie!!!

    I'm so happy for you!!! :)


  3. New books are a lot more fun for me at the beginning, especially when I'm still planning them out and I haven't had to put the words down onto the paper. That's when the hard work starts. :)

    1. LOL! It's always the words! ;) But eventually they get us where we want to be.

  4. Dude, you're trucking through it and that's awesome! The edge of madness looks pretty good from here.