Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Being SpongeBob

Creative types need to mentally refuel. Well, since I believe all folks have some creative aspect to their psyche--that means we all do :). We need to relax, explore, absorb, to restock that well of goodness known as our creative brain.

For me as a writer, one of those mental refuelling events has always been Comic-Con International, San Diego, AKA- the big kahuna. Now when I say always, I mean for over the last 20 years, so pretty much, a very long time. 

The energy at Comic-Con is unparalleled by anything I've ever felt. Even at other comic conventions, this one is the most powerful. Getting overwhelmed is a given, but so is absorbing a ton of varied creative energy. Writers (and yeah! I'm even signing this year- shameless plug- Thursday, July 21st at 11 am booth 1119!). artists, actors, directors, gamers, coplayers, you name it, and they are probably there somewhere. I end up exhausted, but also motivated creatively.

But this year, not only do I have CC, I also have Romance Writers of America Nationals this week here in town! Yes, I technically write fantasy, SF, etc...but I do have romantic elements and RWA is the BEST writing organization around. They know their stuff and they know how to support writers at all levels.

This will be my first RWA national Conference, but the variety of workshops look amazing. Lots of folks go to this to mingle and network, I'm kinda shy and that's not in my wheelhouse. I'm just going to be a giant sponge (hence the title of this blog- get it? Hehehe). I plan on absorbing all of the smarts crammed into that giant hotel, and steal them back home.

The best advantage? They are both local for me, so I can sleep in my own bed each night :). Sure, staying in the hotels downtown would have been fun, but I couldn't swing it. I realize not everyone is lucky enough to be near major events like these- but find somewhere, sometime, to go recharge. 

So for over a week, I am going to be surrounded by thousands of crazy creative and talented folks. I'll be watching, observing, taking notes, and absorbing.  So, if you're at one of these events and see a "Sponge-Bob" sitting in the corner, say hi :).


  1. You say you're shy, so am I. Yet I found myself in a job that required me to meet new people every day. The following worked for me - Find a few sentences that fit the venue and work as icebreakers and use them to interact with people. A smile is a great way to get people to respond. Don't just sit in the corner sponging, conversations are full of ideas and inspiration, too.

    1. Thanks, but meeting new people isn't so much the issue in this case. I want to just go an absorb RWA. RT really burnt me out, so this time it is just all about ME! (and stealing all the smarts ;)).

  2. I am so excited for you!! Though I don't go anymore, I remember how I felt when I was there, and the knowledge that a friend of mine is actually a part of it just blows my mind!! Have fun while you soak it all in!! Deb/Dabee

    1. Thank you Deb! It's really very cool, and I'm looking forward to it :)