Wednesday, August 31, 2016

BOOKS! Where are your BOOKS?!

Now, if I were a neat, organized writer, I'd show you my library/office at this point. Some nice, awesome photo to make folks purple with envy. The point being to get you thinking about books, where yours are, how you organize them, etc.

Alas, I am not.

So, I'll describe it because a photo would terrify millions.

My office/library (could never decide which name I like better, but I do lean more toward library) is in an extra bedroom, the walls are a dark green, I have a cool, but starting to look not so cool border of burgundy, dark blue and dark green along the top of the walls. My desk faces the window overlooking the side yard. And I have six bookcases, a small square spinning bookcase, and wait for it-- an actual bookstore book cart. All loaded with books.

The book cart was from when they closed my Waldenbooks (I was the manager) way back in the day and I asked if I could keep it. 

My books are sorted by non-fiction and fiction, by subject for non-fiction, alpha and series for fiction (yeah, if I didn't just tell you I was a former bookstore manager, that would have epicly tipped it off).

I counted them (I also have two bookshelves in my bedroom) a few years ago and I had over 1,000. There have been some purges since then, but then more books have flowed in to take their place.

I do read on my kindle as well, but I just love books. I love being surrounded by them.  They make me happy and are a great thing to be around when one is writing ;).

Ironically, I don't read much in my library, I usually read in bed or the living room. But I keep my books here, some are my friends, read repeatedly, some just waiting for the right time.

So what do you do? Have tons of books? On shelves?  On a e-reader? 


  1. Oh yeah, I have a ton of books, and bookshelves all over the house. Even so, I don't have shelves enough. I have ten boxes of books stacked up in front of the bookshelves in my office just waiting for me to one day find them a home.

    I, too, have an e-reader, and I do like it, but like you, I just really love my physical books.

    1. Isn't it sad? For some folks e-readers replace books, for me (and sounds like you too) it just gives more room for both types!

  2. Haha, so recognisable. I did a big purge this summer, still got over a thousand books left, and counting. Currently they are is 6 different book cases and stack up on extra shelving in my bedroom as I'm looking for a house of my own. I'm planning a big floor to ceiling, full width book case in my new living room, regardless of the house :P