Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Hello and welcome to another edition of how the page turns...aka my contribution to the wonderful monthly event known as the Insecure Writer's Support Group blog hop! Writers from across the globe join in and share our hopes, dreams, and terrors--join us!

A question was brought up of how we celebrate completing a book. Which is a darn good question!

I know some authors who have set celebration techniques--one friend goes out for a fruity drink after each book's first draft is done. Another celebrates when the book comes out with a release party.

Sadly, aside from once in a while going out for a nice dinner, I don't have anything. I've thought about it before and I really want to add some sort of celebration to recognize what I've done. Usually it just gets shoved to the first editor and I jump into the next project. Like this past Monday night when I finished the draft of an upcoming novalla, sent it to her, then ran and started working on edits for another book.

I believe celebrations and rituals can be very comforting and helpful--but somehow I can't seem to develop them for myself!

Here's hoping this blog hop gives me some ideas--if you have any, feel free to add them here! 


  1. As I haven't finished any of my stories yet, I don't know how I'll celebrate. I just hope I can reach a point where I can definitely look at my words and say "The End" instead of toying with it a little more each day.

  2. Maybe try a visit to the bookstore or a day just spent reading?

  3. Maybe you don't need one! I figure that's just fine, too.

  4. You know, I don't think I have any celebration rituals either. I cheer and excitedly bombard my husband with how great it feels, but beyond that, I don't do anything specific.

  5. As you visit other blogs, you'll see most of us don't do anything special to celebrate. We should be nicer to ourselves.

  6. I always celebrate, but not in any real set way. Aside from vigorously patting myself on the back that is. Someone has to give me a "good girl" accolade :)