Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A whole new ....Universe!

Yeah, yeah, some of you now have a song in your head--sorry about that šŸ˜›.

Just a bit of a shout out that a new world is being launched! As mentioned last week, there are a lot of books coming up in 2020 and 2021. (I was writing A LOT last year!)

The first one up is the new urban fantasy thriller-- The Girl with the Iron Wing.

This book actually started a while ago, but then a cartload of drunken faeries, space mercs, and Victorian vampires took over. Working at a full time evil day job means choices must be made and this got shoved to the side as much as I loved it. Finishing two other series gave me some breathing room, and...leaving the day job THIS September will give me more! You heard it here first!

I love a lot of sub-genres (in case ya didn't notice šŸ˜) and changing things up keeps everything fresh in my often wild brain. Diving into this one and writing it has been a lot of fun and hopefully you'll all come along for the ride!

Death is stalking the fey.

Thousands of years ago, the fey races crossed the Veil into the human world to save themselves.

Hundreds of years ago, the fey saved humanity from being wiped out by the Black Death.

Now something is coming after the fey—from Earth and from beyond the Veil.

As a detective with the LAPD, Aisling Danaan has seen it all, and as an elf from a powerful, guarded clan, she sees more than most. But no one has ever seen a fairy explode from iron poisoning.

The winged fey who died was one of various fey races that outnumber humans in a world where the Black Death nearly wiped out humanity. Over time, the species mingled, and magic and technology developed equal standing. But the strange and violent murder threatens to unbalance the peace that the fey High Council brought through the Veil.

Called out by name by the killer, Aisling must unravel a tangle of secrets reaching deeper and wider than any case she’s ever worked. And one of the most vexing mysteries is super spook Reece Larkin. With badges from too many questionable agencies, the sexy, troublesome spy seems to know more than he’s willing to share—and what he won't tell could kill them. They’ll have to work together to hunt down the source of the poisoning before the entire fey population on Earth is destroyed by the Iron Death.


  1. Glad to see you're up and about. New series sounds great--can't wait for all the books!



    1. Hi Laurie!
      It's nice to be back ;). I hope you enjoy the new adventures!