Thursday, February 11, 2021


 This week is a book-o-rama of deals!

In the world of Epic Fantasy- we have  a collection of FREE, yes, FREE, epic fantasy books for your downloading! (Essence of Chaos is in there ;)).

This is brought to you from the IASFA (International Alliance of SFF Authors. Each month member authors (yup, I'm one ;)) post a selection of free books for a specific sub genre.  You can check them out, and take what ones you want! (I grabbed more than a few myself ;)).

And in the world of Science Fiction-- SWFA (Science fiction and Fantasy Writers of America--yup- member of them too ;)) has put out another Story Bundle! Not free, but very discounted. For $5 you get the first five titles, go up to $15 or more and get all 18 books!  Support authors and SFWA.

Happy Book hunting!

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