Wednesday, March 6, 2024

#IWSG-- Never give up, never surrender!


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The title of this blog is from a movie (wanna guess?) but it also sums up a writing career.

Definitely sums up MY writing career.

I just released my twenty-sixth novel--add three novellas--and this is #29. 

I'm proud of this book and the series--and SO extremely glad that it's OUT there now!

But I've never had as many problems with any book as I had with Destruction of Chaos.

1) The book just wasn't working and last fall (when it was supposed to come out) I stopped and cut out one hundred and fifty pages.

2) That cost me my preorder privileges from Amazon for a year and blocked the book (didn't know about the blocking issue until I went to release it--good times).

3) Ended up with a MASSIVE book for me. Most of my books are in the 120,000-word range--this one was 167,000. Even after a lot of editing.

4) Had to work with Amazon when I went to put it up--that whole "blocked" issue. The nice person in the chat said that they fixed it. I asked about the series number since it kept showing the original failed fall attempt. They promised it would be fine.

5) It's not fine. My trilogy all says there are four books in the series--one being the invisible blocked one.

6) I tried to set up the print version...sigh. Amazon has the ISBN for that one as already being used. On the blocked version. I might end up losing that ISBN.

7) Goodreads, since it is owned by Amazon, had that book blocked as well and I'm still fixing it.

BUT...I kept going. This book was late when I started it, so it's been two years since the prior book. Then add in all the issues and whatnot.

I could have just left that one hundred and fifty pages in, slapped on some half-assed ending, and been done.

I'm too stubborn for that. There are a lot of talents that writers need. I'd say that tenacity is the most important. All you have to do is get back up one more time than you get knocked down ;).

What about you? Where have you stuck with the fight and completed your work?

Happy IWSG day!



  1. I love the title of your post. I've used it in a webinar. Sorry that you're having so many troubles with Amazon.

    1. Thank you! It's a great line ;). Thank you about Amazon as well. Eh, it's part of our business.

  2. Thank you! OOOO-- that's a good one too! Such a fun movie.
    Yup- not giving up-but they do make things far more challanging than they need to be!

  3. Oh wow, that IS frustrating! I had major issue with Ingram on my last book. Nothing more annoying than finally having a book ready to release after all we go through to write and edit it only to be hampered by the distribution overlords.

    Good for you with putting out a book you're proud of rather than taking the easy way out.

    1. Ouch! Yup Ingram can be it's own special problem. I still have books that I haven't put up there yet (including my trouble child ;)).

      Thank you! Knowing that book was the best it could be makes this mess worth it :).

  4. Glad you worked through the issues! Best of luck with the release.

  5. All the luck with your new release, Marie. I struggle with technology. Always. And I LOVE Galaxy Quest. Miffie's right. "Never give up. Never surrender."

  6. Honestly, I'm slower, but I'm still determined to get there. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  7. By Grabthar's Hammer, what a post!

    Happy IWSG day.I look forward to the day when everyone is so fed up with Amazon and Ingram's printing shenanigans that local printers suddenly become viable again.

    1. LOL! Another great line! And ya never know! More people are venturing into direct sales ;). Happy IWSG day!