Friday, April 16, 2010

Testing, this thing on?

Ok, new blog. I had one. Seriously. Didn't do much with it. Created it sometime in 2009.

I lost it.

How can you lose a blog? You forget what you called it. Then lose any information you had during the fevered week when you actually did something with it.

Extremely sad.

So here I am again.

Blog part deux...or trois if you count the one I need to rip off of my website because it never updates properly. Once I recall the admin passwords for the website.

Yes, I am a bit of a techno- infant in case you can't guess.

For those poor souls who have stumbled across this blog- HI. Who am I? Heck, you're the one who came tromping into my blog- shouldn't you know who I am? Habit of just wandering into any ol' blog? That way can lead to madness ya know.

Anyway- you've found the blogging attempt of Marie Andreas. Novelist in search of an agent and editor. I write fantasy, science fiction, and steampunk novels. I don't really do short stories, however a flash (super short) short story is the only thing I've had published as of yet. Available on Amazon (yeah that does sound cool ;))

The point of this blog will be for me to rant and ramble about all things writing. My writing, other folks writing, writing about writing. You get the picture.

So welcome to my blog- hope you see you again...providing I don't lose it again.

1 comment:

  1. It works whooooooohoooooo. Uh oh. There's an echo in here. :)

    Oh and it's Sandy. Leigh Blaze is my pen name.

    See you bright and early!