Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Ok, yet another sort of off topic post. I promise the next ones will be on track.

But today is father's day and I would be remiss if I didn't remember my dad.
William H. Andreas passed away in Jan 1983 at the far too young age of 53. He died of lung cancer (see previous post for my anger at that vile disease).

But this isn't meant to be a sad post. I want to remember him as he was and how he'd want me to remember him.

My dad wasn't famous or rich. He didn't have a fancy job, he didn't climb mountains or dive into oceans. But he was a great man nonetheless.

He stayed with a very mundane job to make sure our family had a house, food, etc. I know he would have loved to have been out driving a race car, climbing mountains, jumping out of planes- but he didn't because he was a Father. Taking care of the family was his number one goal- and he did it very well.

I always knew that my dad believed in me, that no matter what I wanted to be when I grew up- he was behind me (my mom is that way too- some folks are just lucky ;)). He had an adventuresome side but also a love of communicating. He wrote all the family letters and did some writing for a local paper when my folks lived in Hawaii.

I like to think he's up there watching my sister climb those crazy mountains and me pursuing a writing career with a big grin on his face. And neither she nor I would be doing what we do without him.

Happy father's day Dad- I love you.

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