Saturday, March 12, 2011

The battle begins...

Technically, the battle began with the previous post when I launched my four unprotected little query missives into the great big world. However, there has been a re-evaluation so it's two steps forward, one step back-LOL.

I decided to take a query class just to tighten up this query. Two of my other books actually have a query that has run through an agent for a critique (due to some cool contest/webinars last year. sadly, the book I am launching forst has not. So I decided to give it far the class hasn't been very productive, but I still have hopes. That does mean no more "launches" since March 1. Updating: one reject (form- OUCH!) and one assumed reject (a "non-respond" agent who is very fast with positive responses). So two are still out there, and more will be flung into space when this class is over.

Now on my to current annoyance-LOL.

Agents who just check off they rep certain genres (this happens on both Query Tracker as well as Publisher's Marketplace) who show NO real sign they rep them.

I've got a good sized list that I've winnowed out over on Query Tracker, but since I've paid to join Publisher's Marketplace I figure I best us it ;). On both sites I keep coming across these agents who checked off F/SF yet they have no clients in the genre. Worse, sometimes you go to their actual website and they don't even mention an agent in that agency who takes that genre!

Now, I understand, some agents have the mindset that while they may not be huge fans of a genre, they are still open to something amazing that just sweeps them away. But come on, especially with something so specific like Fantasy/SF? You really think if you don't read it you might LOVE one out of the blue? And even know who to sell it too?

I do wish that agents would be more specific when they check their little boxes on things like Pub Market- would make life better for both of us ;). (I can't think it's fun having a bunch of useless queries. )

Anyone else out there have an opnion?

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