Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

I told myself I would be back in the submitting gambit by March 1- and being as it is currently 8:30pm and I have sent off four shiny new queries- I have made my goal!

And OMG- those were the hardest four emails I have ever sent! LOL!!! In Psychology it’s called a feeling of absolute (ok, that’s not what it’s called- I remember concepts better than names, bear with me ;))- the feeling that if something goes wrong it means EVERYTHING is wrong. For an example just look to any teenager who is sure the world is ending at least 15 times a day. Well, I’d argue that same fear hits writers too.

I have a list of agents over on Query Tracker. ALL of which are ones I believe would be a good fit for my body of work. There are over 50. And yet, each one of the four I sent off tonight left me with a feeling of, “OMG- what if they reject me tomorrow? I’m DOOMED!!”

Never mind the whole slew of qualified folks still sitting on my list. Including some of the heavy hitters who I didn’t send to tonight due to still being unhappy with my synopsis.

Noooooooooo- those other folks don’t matter, just those four ventures into the scary publishing zone. Hands got sweaty, brow crinkled, a nervous tick grew in my left eye. Each “send” caused another series of heart palpitations.

And I loved it. (Work with me folks- I also loved jumping out of a plane years ago ;)).

That rush of terror just reminded me that I am in the game. I am back submitting and sending my little darlings forth to do battle armed with nothing but my words. And if these agents aren’t interested, then another flight of queries will launch. And another. And another. I have four series that are looking for some love- and after last year’s writing time, I know I can write more besides.

So raise your swords and once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!


  1. I know just how you feel! I sent out my first set of queries for 2011 - 7 of them - and hitting "send" was painful! Best of luck!

  2. You go girl! You didn't let the fear stop you. Good luck!

  3. Job well done!
    To publish you have to be out there, and you're doing that.
    Best wishes.

  4. Thanks ladies!Carla- good luck to you as well!

  5. Thanks Sarah :)

    An update- already been shot down by one agent and am now taking an online class to tighten up my query letter...more to come!