Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Less than two weeks to NANO!

Ok, I am chomping at the bit AND nervous about NaNo (aka NaNoWriMo) next month. I’m excited because it’s always good to challenge yourself and see just what you’re made of. And NaNo is the ultimate writing challenge where the only person you are racing against is yourself.

I’m also nervous for pretty much the same reasons ;).

I have a number of friends who while intrigued by the concept of NaNo have yet to commit (ok, so some have said “Hell no!” but I’m still optimistic.). In honor of the date of impending madness, I thought I’d come up with my own top five reasons for doing NaNo- feel free to add to it ;).

5. Bragging rights- seriously there are only a few folks insane enough to try this. Watch your friend’s faces when you tell them what you are doing!

4. Finding new ways to pad your word counts can be a helpful skill in some fields (politics anyone?)

3. Discovering alternative food sources. Time is fleeting during NaNo- therefore definitions of meals become very flexible.

2. An excuse NOT to clean! Some may not need an excuse, but for others this is a month of freedom, “Honey, I’m writing over 1600 words a day- you’ll just have to do all the laundry.”

1. Developing the ability to take your inner editor, gag her, and shove her in a dark closet.

Add to the list! And if you're NOT doing it- why not?


  1. I got two things from doing Nano twice -

    1) the ability to send my inner editor on vacation for long periods of time

    2) the discipline to sit and write every day, without fail

    Both have served me well, and both are skills needed to be a professional writer. So I think Nano can be worth it if you can develop those skills.

    But having developed those skills, I don't want to descend into the madness again. Have a nice time without me!

  2. Those are great reasons Marie and Janet! I'm still not going to do it--but I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines!! :D

  3. Put me on the list of people not doing it. I guess I'm one of the fortunate that doesn't need an excuse to write. My house is already a mess, I do my best to write every day (some days are just impossible when you have family, though), and I've shooed my inner editor away as much as it can be shooed. I wish everyone who is signing up for the madness to succeed in their endeavors.

  4. Stacy, I'm like you. My house is a disaster, actually. I also try to write everyday even if it's just 100 words. And I locked my inner editor away and only let her out when I start to revise. I'm still doing NaNo this year because I like the challenge. I like the sense of community. This will be my third year. First year I bombed. Last year I won and figured out (after writing for 17 years) what process actually worked for me. I've figured out what book I'm going to work on and I can't wait to get started!

  5. Thanks for coming by ladies! Well Cindy it looks like you and me are going for the madness! I do it for the same reason people climb mountains- because it's there :). It's good to push one's boundries regularly.

    Thanks for the comments!

  6. Too funny. I know you'll kick NaNo butt. And do brag--all over the place. Anybody who can write 50k or whatever it is in a month deserves to shout it from the rooftops.

    I won't be doing NaNo and never have b/c you have to go it alone and I write with a partner. But if I were working solo... ;-)

    Keep us posted on your progress and good luck to all of you!