Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Ok, yes, as of late my mind is turning more and more towards Nov 1 (sorry, I refuse to get up at 11:59 pm so I can start NaNo ).

Today I'm posting about some helpful sites that'll get even the most confused writer on track. In theory ;).

Now even if you're not doing NaNo (what- ya chicken? ) these sites might help you start that next book, your first book, or do clean up on aisle 9 (aka editing). If you know of any great sites in the similar vein as these listed- please add them!

A nice over view of plot construction

Alexandra has a ton of blog posts about prepping for NaNo- not to mention all the other great writing info

Ok-this is the Mecca of fun generators- GREAT if you get stuck! (Or just want to play )

Please add to this list!

ADDED: ok, a friend of mine has a GREAT blog about tips!


  1. SIGH- sorry it didn't create actual links- Blogger and I are having a spat.

  2. Marie, these look like great sites! I caution all the NEW NaNo-ers, however, to stay away from such sites during November. It's a great way to waste time that you should be spending writing, lol!

    I haven't decided yet if I'm jumping into the fray this year - it'll be my third time around if I do. My youngest son, however, is going for his second time - and he's going to be writing in French, the show-off.

    Have fun!

  3. Thanks for listing my blog post, Marie! Another site that bears mention is the Nano site itself - Once you register, you have access to lots of great advice on preparation, making it through, research, mutual support, etc. But as Christine says, approach all web browsing during Nano with caution. I use internet blocking software to keep me on the straight and narrow when I am writing - makes temptation sooo much harder to succumb to!

  4. Go Marie Go!!!

    I'll be cheering you on in November while I finish my edits...


    Lisa :)

  5. Thanks for commenting ladies! Christine.....join us......*wiggles fingers magically*

    I personally think it's a completely mad exercise- and I love it!