Thursday, November 26, 2015


First off HAPPY THANKSGIVING to folks in the US! For the rest of you, HAPPY THURSDAY!!

Okay, since it's a holiday, I won't bore you with a long blog. (Not to mention, I am officially WAY behind on NaNo and will be needing words for that, so can't spend them all here. ;))

But I'd like to briefly talk about a topic near and dear to many of us on this day-bingeing.

But, before you start hiding that third piece of pie, I'm not talking about food bingeing. Rather book bingeing.

I have a very dear friend who will not read ANY book series until it's done (pretty sure he still has unread copies of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series in his bookshelf). Now he has always been this way (at least as long as I've known him and that's well over 25 years) and he says it's because he doesn't want to get vested in a series, then have it never be completed. (And no, he has NOT read my books for that reason.)

But binge-reading just because is a past time for many. I have another dear friend who goes crazy when she finds a new-to-her author who has a backload of books in a series. I mean seriously CRAZY! She's also a power reader at times, so I think she figures 6-10 books is a "meal".

In  a way this also ties into the whole binge-watching folks do with TV. I personally can't do that beyond two eps at a time, but I will watch an ep a day for weeks to work through a beloved series. And I sort of do that with my favorite book series too. I'll just re-read the first book for nostalgia, then all of a sudden I'm pawing through my stacks looking for the rest of them. 

It's because we want the endorphin rush to continue. When you see a great movie, read an awesome book, eat a wonderful meal- you just want that feeling back- so you go for another, and another. Perhaps down the line their will be self-help books on how to get the "binge-" out of your life. But for now, it's part of our culture.

Luckily, books don't put on the pounds the way a box of chocolates or an entire pie will ;). And yes, having someone say they binge-read my books is a MAJOR goal of mine :).


  1. I've binged on some authors, but I also like the excitement/angst of waiting to see what happens. Just not waiting too long . .

    1. LOL- I hear you! It is fun to have that anticipation, as long as it doesn't go on so long that I forget the book ;).