Wednesday, May 5, 2021

#IWSG Starting back at the beginning

 Welcome to another Insecure Writer's Support Group blog meeting!

Join us!

As many of you know, I went free-range-full-time-writer-chic at the first of this year. I had plans for writing, days off, naps, etc.

I've now realized that conceptualizing a 40 writer work week and doing it are two different things. I was mentally pulling in too many ideas from my former day job. Sooooooooo, read a few books on working, life, etc and created another pivot (you have to keep pivoting). I'm back to focusing on building a steady writing pattern.

One of the books I'm reading is called Deep Work, it's on building focus. Something struck me as a "this might work" while wading my way through it.

Last week I started my new plan. Five days a week (still keeping my days off ;)) I do two- 90 minute focuses writing blocks. One usually in am, the other afternoon/evening. During this time, NO internet, emails, texts, calls, or interruptions. I have one of those "Will Return at..." signs on my closed door.

For 90 minutes I focus on my writing--sort like nano-speed only more intense.

Last week, in five days, in a total of fifteen hours-- I got in 20,642 words.

For me this was massive!  I hit 4,000 plus a day and don't feel wiped out.

Could I do more blocks? Probably not. Nor could I mush them into one 3-hour block. The book says 4 hours a day is about max for true deep work, and I am usually quite done by the end of that 90 min. 

A caveat, I am a multi-project writer. So if one book starts slamming into a wall, I skip to another--this does drive many of my writing friends crazy.

I won't call this my new regular until I've kept it up for a month, but it does feel good to be working on building a more solid writing routine.

Then I'll start focusing on building in business blocks ;).

Have you ever tried deep focusing for your writing?



  1. Thank you-- I'm hoping! Still too early to know for sure if it will work long term. That makes soooo much sense about the 4 hours--I'd heard that before but am only now believing it.

  2. Two ninety minute sprints. I could at least do one - that would be a start. Thanks and glad you found what works for you!